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Green Bean Soup

Green Bean Soup

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Note (Nov 2010): First posted in May 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

This Chinese-style green bean soup is an easy Chinese soup dessert that is cooling and sweet, so suitable for the perpetual hot weather in Singapore. Green beans (or some call ‘mung beans’) are considered by Chinese as a ‘cooling’ food, and some believe it is a good natural alternative home remedy for acne.

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I just love making this because it is so easy and tasty. The sago is optional, but I totally love the look and texture of sago in my green bean soup. Green bean soup is cooling, while red bean soup is warming. If you love both them both, do check out my easy red bean soup recipe.

Green Bean Soup

51 comments on “Green Bean Soup”

  1. Yay, I was lucky to have a few bowls of this yummy desert. :D I love the sago in it.

  2. Your green bean soup have so many treasures in there! The weather is indeed unbearable. :?

    My plants are like dying soon. :| Your pandan looks great. :up:

  3. I definitely don’t have green fingers =O

    BTW, I have a 绿豆汤 post still sitting in my drafts. But it’s “ta-pow” from some dessert stall here. They mix it with barley…very nice when cold. Cold and “cooling”…beats off all the heat, right?

    Is that bowl from Ikea? hee heee..

  4. Goodness, is that really a dessert? I’ve never heard of anything like it! So much to learn about Chinese cuisine….

  5. I would never have guessed this was sweet! And your pandan does look wonderful in the photo. Here’s to an up-and-coming green thumb! Thanks for sharing a great entry for Grow Your Own!

    (My apologies for the previous comment. My toddler was playing on the computer…)

  6. Looking at the picture I would not have guessed that this was a dessert. It looks good. Great photos!

  7. I could never fully grasp this heaty/cooling concept. All I know is if it looks yummy, it’s gonna go straight into my tummy. Sago in green bean soup does indeed add a nice touch. Knowing me I’ll eat all the sago beads first. :lol:

  8. What an interesting tip for us ladies! Who would of known? This soup looks super healthy.

  9. Very interesting, first time I see and hear about those leaves… I tried to grow basil, thyme and mint on my window, but after couple of weeks from purchase, they are loosing all scent and flavour… especially basil

  10. Love pandan. Have never had the leaves, though, only the extract; it smells so pretty and unusual.
    Fine photos and a very intriguing recipe. Glad you are feeling better, Wiffy!

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