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Fried Bee Hoon

Fried Bee Hoon Recipe
First posted in Jun 2010, updated on 23 Nov 2015.

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I love plain fried rice vermicelli (炒米粉). More commonly known as “bee hoon” or “bihun” (米粉) by the locals, these thin noodles are made from rice. Plain fried bee hoon is one of the staples (along with rice and other fried noodles) that you can choose from when you order food at “economical bee hoon” or vegetarian food stalls in Singapore.

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Even though the bee hoon is so-called plain, they taste nice on its own due to the soy seasonings. Growing up, I love to eat plain bee hoon with just Sinsin garlic chilli sauce. That being said, they are usually complemented with homely dishes such as curry vegetables, sambal long beans and simple stir-fried cabbage. It is also popular party food as it go well with almost every finger food like fried chicken, plus the noodles can be left be left on the table for a few hours without becoming soggy.

Fried Bee Hoon Recipe

71 comments on “Fried Bee Hoon”

  1. i yummy love it~~~darling.

  2. Simple is best. Love this!

  3. Hi,

    My first time fried Bihun, I followed your recipe and direction, I found it simple and most importantly it worked very well on me. My Kids like it very much. Thanks to you.

  4. Was craving fr this since I left s’pore! Finally prepared it today after 7 months of hunger for s’pore style economic bee hoon meal! :)

    Chk it out!

  5. Hi Belinda, store-bought: try SinSin garlic chilli and Pu Tien chilli sauce. Home-made, check out sambal belacan recipe at http://noobcook.com/sambal-belachan/ :)

  6. Hi Noobcook, Ok, will try out..tks for the info =D

  7. Dear Wiffy

    I tried cooking this bee hoon on Sunday. It was so easy and taste wonderful. My family like it very much. Thank you for your recipe.

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