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Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken


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Steamed ginseng chicken wrapped in foil is a simple wrap and cook dinner solution. This is a very healthy and convenient recipe. The ginseng I am using is called american ginseng fiber (洋参须). It is an inexpensive type of american ginseng, has ‘cooling’ properties (降火), & keeps one more alert (提神) among the host of its known benefits.

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You can purchase this particular ginseng in Singapore at traditional neighbourhood Chinese medical halls or the ones at the shopping centers such as Fuhua (where I bought a 150g packet for S$5.50).


24 comments on “Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken”

  1. What a wonderful way to use up ginseng. We always have it in our “bitter chicken soup” This is very refreshing. You did great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! I luv your step-by-step guides with all the fabulous shots! Just wonder instead of flipping the chicken, can I just flip the package? Less risk of getting a burnt thumb. Hehehe!

  3. You know, I am going to cook chicken soup with ginseng tomorrow. Really! With wolfberry, ginger and red dates. (No mushroom) :-) Do you have ESP or what?

  4. That’s a lot of ginseng, does the chicken taste bitter? Thus far, I only used it to cook herbal soup and I only put a little bit and the soup is bitter already. So, just curious.

  5. Great recipe! I love herbal chicken cooked like this. Love the step by step pics. :D

  6. wow, ur really in a ginseng mood lately :P
    and Yes, steaming in foil is so fuss free and one can be so creative with the ingredients/ marinade – nice pics!

  7. Such a unique recipe.. Thanks for the detailed preparation instructions! Can’t say I’ve ever had any meats with ginseng before. Very interesting.

  8. wow!look healthy and delicous!! must make one for myself soon!!

  9. Goshhh both of you, Tigerfish and you had made yummy tempting food

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