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Instant Dashi Powder

Instant Dashi
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Dashi (出汁, だし), or Bonito fish soup stock, is used as a base for many Japanese soups, broths and stews. It provides the “umami” factor aka the “fifth taste” (together with sour, sweet, bitter and salty/spicy).

Instant Dashi (Sachet)

Instant granulated (powdered) dashi is used as a short-cut to home-made dashi stock. Just dissolve the granules in hot water according to recommended ratio stated on the packaging (usually 1 tsp of powder to 1 cup of hot water) or based on your recipe requirement.

Instant Dashi (Bottle)

Dashi can be sold in sachets or in a small glass bottle. I prefer the latter (pictured above) because it is easier to measure them for cooking.

Where to buy in Singapore:

  • Japanese supermarkets (Meidi-Ya,  Sakuraya, Isetan Scotts)
  • Japanese sections of local supermarkets
  • Daiso

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5 comments on “Instant Dashi Powder”

  1. Hi Wiffy

    is dashi unhealthy i.e. msg inside?

    • Depends if you consider whether MSG is unhealthy? I’m ok with it in small amounts. If you’re concerned you can learn to make your own dashi stock from scratch.

  2. Hi I just bought a box of dashi powder (the one in ur picture). However I only know how to use it in oyakodon. Is there any other cooking method I can use the dashi powder ? Can it be use in chinese cooking ? If so, how to use it ? Thanks.

  3. Dashi powder was not available, so I bought a bag of Bonito Flakes and a bag of Kombu. I was told that I could make Dashi powder out of these ingredients. What proportions of each do I use, and can I just grind them up in a spice grinder to make the powder? HELP!

    • I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe to make dashi from scratch currently, but if you google “dashi recipe” you will find a lot of tutorials out there.

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