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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

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We are all familiar with Coca-Cola (Coke) as a drink but do you know it can be used in cooking too? C0ca-Cola Chicken Wings (可乐鸡翅), is a classic Chinese recipe where Coke is used as the base of the simmering sauce, which not only tenderises but also cameralises the chicken wings. The result is delicious, finger-licking good chicken wings with a sweet & sticky glaze.

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This is a super easy recipe with only a few ingredients and steps. I used to drink 1 can of Coke a day in my teens but nowadays I hardly touch any sweet drinks now as I became conscious about sugar intake. Sneaking in Coke into home cooking somehow feels less guilty than drinking it (even if it’s not true)!

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

57 comments on “Coca-Cola Chicken Wings”

  1. I like this! Simple and yummy :D I was thinking, can I use rootbeer instead of Coke?

  2. I love chicken wing and this looks very delicious with the thick sauce :)

  3. Believe me or not, I was just thinking of trying to make Cola chicken wings, I am curious how it would taste. I don’t have to search elsewhere for a recipe. Thanks for sharing. Will make soon : )

  4. this is such a fun recipe! You have just given me an idea of what to cook this long weekend :)

  5. I have a book on this dish too and have also seen a few bloggers trying this. It looks very good but am curious to know its taste. May just give this a try one day.

  6. I cook this before but forget about it. Now you reminded me. Going to get a can of coke today. :)

  7. i’ve done similarly with other parts of the chicken instead of the wings because i don’t buy chicken wings.

  8. This looks so mouth-watering.

  9. OMG I can’t wait to get home and try this! My mum makes the best marinated chicken and I will have to show her this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. These sound SO good wiffy!! And I just had dinner and am full but your recipe is making me drool haha! By the looks of the outer glaze, it seems it would be very moist, yeah? Such a creative idea to use the cola. Wish I could convince my mom to try this one out. :)

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