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Cherry Milkshake

Cherry Milkshake
Summer Indulgence – Cherry Milkshake

Just like how I couldn’t resist making blueberry milkshake when I saw blueberries on sale, I recently saw some cheap cherries and decided to make a milkshake out of them too. I find it more enjoyable to drink my fruits rather than to eat them. And they look prettier too when dressed up like this, don’t you think? ;p Great as a meal or snack on its own, or an after-meal dessert drink.

(Makes one tall glass, or 2 1/2 short glasses for dessert)

– 200g vanilla ice cream
– 1.5 tbsp milk
– 150g fresh cherries
– 2 additional cherries & marshmallows for garnishing (optional)

1. Remove cherry stalk and pit from each cherry. Chop one of the cherries to small dices for garnishing later.
2. Blend ice cream, milk and pitted cherries till smooth, do not overblend or it will become watery.
3. Garnishing ideas: Top with marshmallows and chopped cherries. Make a slit at the bottom of a cherry and slot it to the rim of the glass.

Cherry Milkshake

Cherries Cherries

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48 comments on “Cherry Milkshake”

  1. I love fresh cherry too. Your milk shake is beautifully decorated. Loves the photos.

  2. Ah… should have posted this earlier… we just finished 1kg of fresh cherries. Argh!!

  3. I love cherries, and your shakes look delicious! Perfect for a summer afternoon. Like right now!

  4. Expensive and beautiful cherry milkshakes! Who will resist it? ;P

    • Not really expensive when cherries are in season now. S$3 for a punnet only, about the same price as strawberries :wink:

  5. cherry milkshake!! pretty color! I got a big bowl of cherry which is not sweet at all! now you gave me an idea to make cherry smoothie!!

  6. hello, may I know do you use a electric blender or just manual blend? I am thinking of buying a blender that can blend ice..

  7. girl! I haven’t had cherry anything in a looong time, so this is great way to reintroduce to my daily snackage! super pretty picture, too!

  8. Looks really nice. Those little twirled marshmallows look so cute to boot.

  9. Well, Nc, you’ve just given me an idea on what to do with the 3 lbs. of cherries I just bought. Glory be.

  10. this will be perfect for summer…easy and yummy!

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