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Carrot, Radish & Tomato Juice

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Carrot, Radish, Tomato Juice
Juicing your way to good health – Carrot, Radish & Tomato Juice

A simple vegetable juice recipe for a busy mid-weekday. When I saw these cute looking red radishes at Bollywood Veggies (picture below), I couldn’t resist buying some. Finally decided to make fruit juice out of them because it’s easy and also nutritious. One seldom see radishes being added in a fruit juice and I guess it’s because their taste can be quite sharp & spicy when consumed raw. The trick is not to add too many radishes, and blend them with cherry tomatoes and carrots as their natural sweetness will balance out the overall taste.

Red radish
Beautiful red radishes I bought from Bollywood Veggies – so fresh they still have their leaves on

According to this site, “Radishes can be beneficial to our health as they are sources of Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Iron sulphur and Amylase. Radish juice has been used for treating skin conditions, asthma and sinus problems.” I just think that it is yummy, so when it’s also healthy, I think that’s a great bonus ;)

Carrot, Radish, Tomato Juice

(Makes 1 glass about 250 ml)

– 1 to 2 carrots, peeled and cut to chunks
– 15 cherry tomatoes (can substitute with normal tomatoes)
– 2 red radishes (can substitute with other types of radishes, about 70g), peeled and cut to chunks

1. Just blend everything in a fruit juice extractor and consume as soon as possible.

Carrot, Radish, Tomato Juice

43 comments on “Carrot, Radish & Tomato Juice”

  1. I love juice … Your juice looks very refreshing. And I always enjoy your excellent photography Wiffy! (^.^)

  2. A great way to consume radishes. Nutritious and yummy!

  3. NC, I think I may need some carrots in my diet, because I thought your bowl in the third photo had marshmallows in it. And wondered how the heck that could be healthy.
    Seriously though, I love all these vegetables. Once, when s a kid, my mom always made me a healthy drink concoction of carrot juice and OJ. And I surprised myself when I found I actually liked it.

    • now that you mentioned it, yes the white stuff do look like marshmallows. Carrot and orange juice sounds good, I will try it next time :) and *smile* at your comments, I always like your comments to me, so thank you! I hope you like this combi of juice when you try it.

  4. Well, I hit submit by accident.

    Please, forgive the butchering and nonsensical message above.
    Maybe your health drink will help rejuvenate my last surviving brain cells.

    In any case, I think the gorgeous orange color in that glass is tempting me to make it, now.

  5. Great juice. I can get all these in Switzerland easily. gotta try : )

  6. This sounds like a nice mix of sweet and peppery flavors of the vegetables. A fresh and delicious juice!

  7. it looks good but I don’t think i’m gonna like it..hee..

  8. My mum use to boil carrots and raddish. I didn’t know we could juice them! Sounds very healthy.. I love juices so I’m going to give this a try :)

  9. Very healthy indeed! Juicing is definitely good for us, I need to bring my juicer out and start juicing since apples have been cheap these days.

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