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Assam Fish Curry

Assam fish curry recipe

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Assam Fish Curry is one of my favourite curry for many reasons. Firstly, it is not only hot but also addictively sour as well thanks to the tamarind (or better known locally as assam/asam). Secondly it is healthy with lots of vegetables (lady’s fingers, tomatoes and eggplants) and lastly, it does not contain coconut milk – hence relatively low-fat compared to other curries and keeps better in our tropical climate.

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I cheated with instant fish curry paste so this curry was whipped up in under 30 minutes – faster than the time needed to cook the rice in the rice cooker. I have made curry paste from scratch before, and it IS tedious, so I am really grateful for the convenience of instant curry mixes, especially on nights when I only have less than 30 minutes to cook dinner. If you like cheater’s curry, do also check out my quick and easy curry chicken.

Assam fish curry recipe

50 comments on “Assam Fish Curry”

  1. Yes! Me too! I love the asam & the tomatoes. But I will need a lot of rice…sobsss

  2. Thanks for this recipe:-) it is also my fave:-)

  3. Nice, can’t wait to try this out. Just wanna know, if I want the dish to be a little more on the sour side, do I add more assam or lime?

    Thanks & keep your recipes coming! :)

  4. Yes, addictively sour…is what makes me enjoy assam fish curry too! Never had assam fish curry for some time and missing it right now! :O

  5. Cheater recipe is gd, as long as can get good-tasting pre-mix/paste. I will try A1 next time. My cheater rcp is coming up tmr…hahaha!

  6. I’ve tried this brand of instant curry paste. It’s quite nice and good for ‘lazy’ days!
    I like your rice bowl! Is that made out of coconut shell?

  7. Another have to try recipe!! Thanks!!!

  8. The pics looks soo appetitising! Yummy.

  9. Sure I need more rice for this flavourful fish curry!

  10. Curry in a hurry? But I want to enjoy this slowly : ).

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