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Red Glutinous Wine Mee Sua

Foochow Red Wine Mee Sua Recipe

Update (4 Aug 2014): First posted in Apr 2010, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

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Whenever my mum goes back to her hometown in Sitiawan, Perak (Malaysia), I will beg her to bring back some her hometown’s famous mee suah (aka flour vermicelli 面线) and ang zao jiu (aka red glutinuous wine 红槽酒) back for me. Details on where to buy them at the end of this page. The Chinese population in Perak is largely Foo Chow (hock chew 福州) and the Foo chow red glutinous mee sua and chicken are famous specialties there. With the best ingredients money can possibly buy, it is very easy to whip up this one-dish meal of red glutinous mee sua with chicken (红槽鸡面线).

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When I ask my relatives about the art of wine making, superstitions come flying around. “You must be in a good mood when making the wine”, “You must NOT ask about the status of the wine or the whole batch will be ruined” etc. It all sounds unbelievably irrational, until I realised that somehow, the best glutinous red wine I have tasted are always home-made. I don’t even want to start ranting on how bad some of the mass-produced factory wine lees taste. To me, as long as you can procure good quality wine and wine lees, you can get way with “anyhow cooking” this dish (sometimes I even skip the chicken marination part) – which explains the simplicity of this recipe.

Hand-made mee sua

If you ever have a chance to visit Sitiawan, Perak, I urge you to buy some of the quality wine lees and hand-made mee sua (福州面线) there. The shop I am recommending (see contact details at the end of the page) has been around for more than twenty years, and today, their mee sua is still hand made. If you visit their shop, you can see the mee sua being sun dried on poles. Being hand-made, they are not the thinnest mee sua out there, yet the texture is superior! Our car boot back from Malaysia is always filled with friends and relatives requests for them. Their particular mee sua is (deliciously) salty on its own, so cooking them separately in a pot of water is a must.

red glutinous wine lees

Like their mee sua, their red glutinous wine (and lees) are deliciously savoury on its own, which is why you can see that my recipe is so minimum with simple seasonings.

Where to buy good quality red glutinous wine & mee suah
家發手工福州麵線 Perusahaan Makanan Jia Fatt
No. 2179B, Kampung Bintang, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia
H/P: 012-5709507, 016-5003955

Note: This is NOT a paid or sponsored mention. I am just sharing good finds with my readers :)

128 comments on “Red Glutinous Wine Mee Sua”

  1. Omg… i love you… noobcook!!! =x its reason why i am fan of your blog =X i love this dish.. =X :o

  2. This dish looks like it would taste incredible! Love the red color of it (the more colorful something is, the better it tastes….right? LOL). Your styling of these photos is nice! :up:

    • glad the red hue didn’t scare you off. It used to scare me when I was a child and I only tried eating the noodles when I was older lol Thanks for your note :)

  3. love the color of this mee suah!

  4. This is totally new to me but hearing how much you love it and seeing how gorgeous it looks makes me believe I would love it to! I wish I was your neighbor! :lol:

  5. This is new dish for me. Curious about how it taste :!: But I think by just looking at your picture, already know it must be yummy :)

  6. I remember your previous post and bookmarked that recipe to try. Love the color!

  7. I heart that natural red from 红槽, and understand it is irresistible to delay enjoying this flavorful dish.

  8. now u know what i meant when i was telling you about the mee suah from sitiawan :) this dish doesn’t taste right unless its with this mee suah!! :) next time your mum goes back, ask her to buy ‘kong piah’, its a kind of biscuit with either onions or char siew inside, baked in a tandoor-like oven. Many pple order in bulk so order when she arrives and collect when she leaves :) Very famous there, just ask ard for the shop, I can’t really remember the landmarks nearby :p

    • I tried the kong piah before! hehe yes my mum always bring back nice food from her trip. I have to pester her to go there soon hehe

      I saw the lees sold at Sultan Gate but I didn’t really like it coz it’s not aromatic and too watery. I remembered your comment at my previous post about the lees being sold at Tiong Bahru market, is the one sold there a bit better? Thx for your help Ellie ;)

    • My mum usually buys the Tiong Bahru lees but she will also add the foochow wine from NTUC or the sitiawan wine if she has :) The one she makes is the yummiest I’ve eaten so far :)

    • NTUC sells foochow wine? I have to try! I think I may have seen it before … it’s not red right? Do you know the brand name? :)

      I’m current using hua tiao jiu for this, cost me S$17 a bottle so I drizzle two tablespoon directly on the noodles. Must ration hehe

    • Yup shld be NTUC or cold storage :) Not sure of the brand name unless I check with mym mum but I rem its very obvious with the words foochow and wine somewhere in the name haha. I even saw an entire lorry with the name on it, transporting the wine to supermarkets! And yes its not red tho the one in sitiawan is red :)

  9. Oh my….. seriously… I’m salivating right now looking this red glutinous wine ginger chicken… I wish I could cook it by my own but I’m too lazy…..

  10. This is really a nourishing bowl of mee suah. I made hong zhao chicken quite long time ago. Just love the smell with sesame oil along. :)

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