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Almond Soya Beancurd

Almond Soya Beancurd

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After I successfully made soya beancurd pudding, my family asked for almond flavoured beancurd, which is a popular variation you can order besides the original soya flavour.

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My family told me to use the bottled almond syrup which is commonly sold at all local major supermarkets. Before this, I do not even know that this almond syrup existed.

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I was skeptical at first, but after adding just a tbsp to the basic recipe, the beancurd pudding indeed tasted similar to the almond beancurd pudding sold outside. I have no idea if this is what the stalls do for the almond flavour, but it is definitely an effortless trick that worked for me.

Almond Soya Beancurd

Tips on getting silky, soft and smooth texture

  1. As the quantities are small, it is recommended to use a digital weighing scale for accuracy. Each gram of instant jelly powder makes a difference in the resulting firmness.
  2. Sieve the mixture for about 4 times before pouring into chilling bowls.
  3. When pouring the mixture into bowls, do so gently and at a low height.
  4. Flatten surface bubbles with the back of a spoon before chilling the pudding.

25 comments on “Almond Soya Beancurd”

  1. Sure looks easy for me. Seem like lots of bloggers are making this.

  2. This is such a clever short cut

  3. Wish we got those ingredients easily over here. Looks so easy!

  4. Thanks for this wonderful almond beancurd recipe.

    Just wonder why do we need to use 2 different brands of soybean powder.

    Can I just use Polleney as I already have it in my house.

    How do I make changes to this recipe as I hope not to buy the Unisoy beancurd for the time being becos I want to finish up my polleney soyabean powder. Thank you

    • Hi, the recipe calls for two brands of soy milk powder combined, as the recipe it is adapted from was trying to mimick Lao Ban’s taste. You can definitely use only one type (Polleney) if you like, it will work as I have tried before. Check out this link & the comments for more information: https://noobcook.com/soya-beancurd/

  5. I have seen this around too. Looks pretty good to me…

  6. I grew up with this almond syrup. Better than those essence I personally feel.

  7. thank you so much ^_^
    happy nice day

  8. Omg that’s one of my all time favorite Asian desserts. Use to have it when I was younger.

  9. Hi Noob, why must use 2 types of soy milk powder?

  10. Hi Noris, check out the explanation at the comments of this recipe. Thanks :)

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