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  1. hi wiffy, in the past ive accidentally clicked the Noobcook link on Hamsterhideout, but never really fully looked at it, i love cooking and thought id look at it throughly and i must say, :) where do you find your stuff, i know your from singapore (correct?) so i was also wondering, do u think or know if i could find the ingridents in america too lol ? :D

    • Hi Rosie, are you looking for any specific ingredient?

      I think you can find most of the ingredients at your supermarkets. For the Asian ingredients, you can try Chinatown or an Asian grocery store :)

  2. Hi, I’ve followed the recipes to make the ABC soup and gong zai mian. They turned out to be really awesome!! Thx for thr great recipes! Anyway, as Christmas is around the corner, I’d like to know if will be able to share the recipe for honey glazed/bake ham (if any)? Thanks!

    • Hello Charlene, thx for your kind words & glad u like the recipes. I probably won’t be trying baked ham this year, but I’ll be having some Christmas recipes soon. Hope you like them all the same :)

  3. Hi there, I stumbled upon your website and you’ve got a really neat collection of recipes which I can’t wait to try cooking them myself. Thumbs up!

  4. omg i cant believe that i am so lucky to stumble upon your blog.You teach almost everything that i want to learn, like biscuits , pasta , baked rice , steak and many many popular chinese dishes and finger foods. i realli hope that i can be like u when i grow up.Having those pretty cooking utensils and having those excellent cooking skills to impress my family and friends. anw i am 14 :X and have lots of interest for cooking. =D i cant wait to try cooking the food !!!! ;)

    • Hi Cherry omg you are only 14! you will be way better than I am in no time at all. It’s good that you start young (unlike me who started much later hehe)

      Thanks for your kind words, happy 2010!

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  6. Hi. I bought some curry leaves to cook cereal prawns and there’s quite a handful left. Any suggestions to incorprate curry leaves into which dishes ?

  7. Thanks ~ :D I can finally make muffins ! Your website help me a lot :up: !

  8. Hi Wiffy,

    So happy as i accidently found your blog… So many recipes. great!!! :up: i can cook more varieties for my hubby & boy… :D


  10. Dear Wiffy,
    Thanks for constantly updating your website!
    It’s like an instant recipe book for me when I start having cravings for home-cooked food while studying in Sydney!

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