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  1. Those are amazing collection of recipes! I will try some of them soon.

  2. Thanks Andie! Hope you like them ;)

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  4. So happy to have stumble upon this wonderful blog. You certainly have a fantastic collection, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are simple and at hand. It will definitely give them a try! :D

  5. Thanks Fiona! hope you like the recipes when you try them :-)

  6. Love your recipes…esp the fried black pepper beef. Hope to see more of your recipes ya :lol:

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  8. thank you for the recipe…i’m going to try it tonite… :up:

  9. A BIG thank you for the recipes… i’m a newbie in cooking. Hope to be able to try as many as I can. How about recipe for sweet and sour pork/fish? Also hope to see more recipes for electronic oven as I just bought one… :)

    • Thank you, hope you like the recipes when you try them. Congrats on your new oven, I love to use oven too coz cleaning up is easier. Yeah, will post some oven recipes soon :)

  10. Wowwww! My mom back home from a super long vacation with my new dad and i just surprised them with most dishes i found in here! the steps are so simple and not complicated and best of all, they loved the food! ure amazing keep it up! my sister (9 yrs) did the chicken mushroom baked rice and she did it all by herself w/o me helping out! thanks alot im so greatful to havw found ur site! keep it up! :up:

    • Hi Okasha, glad to hear your family loves the recipes :halo: and woah, a 9 year old making the baked rice alone? that’s awesome. Do be careful in the kitchen k :wink: Thanks for your kind words of encouragement :-)

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