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  1. Hi Kyle & Lyn, I’m glad to hear that my recipes came in handy :)

  2. Hello! Chanced upon this site and it really inspired me a lot for my upcoming exam dishes. :) Thank God for you, and I hope to see more recipes for muffins. Keep it up! :up:

  3. These are all so great! Thanks for all the recipes! I’m going to have to try some of them soon! :)

  4. Wonderful recipes. i am gonna be trying alot of them. Welllll done. :D

  5. Hi wiffy,

    I bn aiming at yr blog for many months. recently i tried yr pizza n my kids love them. But when i tried them, it is not as tasty as those fr pizza hut. I wonder wher hv i gone wrong, mayb bought the wrong ingredients or watever. Nevertheless, I like yr receipts very much and always very eager to try it. :o :o :up:

  6. Stumbled upon here and I’m glad I did! Your website looks awesome, and the recipes you’ve got here… WOW! Would love to try them, thank you so much for them (:

  7. hi. ur recipes helped me alot. but i have a problem.. promised my hubby to cook his fav curry chicken tmr.. but i cant open your curry chicken recipe! help! if possible please send me the recipe via email. thanks sweetie!

  8. The black pepper beef recipe was definitely to die for! :) Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

  9. Hi there.. Love the recipes you have. Not-too-complex for me to muster courage to try them out. :) I’m gonna try out the choco lava cake once I lay my hands on some ramekins.

    Wondering if you have recipes for sauces? I’m hoping to find something close to the creamy chive sauce @ ikea (on poached salmon). Pls share if you do. Thanks in advance!

  10. Hi, do you have recipes for teens which are high in calcium. Cos I’ll be having home economics practical exam and would have to execute a dish within 45 mins. I hope you have some recipes which are high in calcium and you could share ’em! Thank you! :)

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