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Prawns Aglio e Olio

Prawns Aglio e Olio

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Note: This was first posted in Jun 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

I really love Aglio e Olio, and it is my go-to one-dish pasta dish whenever I am out of ideas of what to cook. While the original and authentic recipe for Aglio e Olio is plain, it is now common to see all types of variations of Aglio e Olio, just like this plate cooked with fresh prawns (or my other plate of scallops Aglio Olio).

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And I think why not, cooking should be improvising and flexible – adding additional ingredients definitely make the usual Aglio e Olio a more complete and interesting meal. Since I have been making Aglio e Olio so frequently at home, we seldom, if not never, order Aglio e Olio outside anymore, mainly because we can make it at a fraction of the cost at home. The money to me, is more well spent paying for fresh, large prawns and perhaps a bottle of fine white wine to go with the pasta. And there is a whole lot more flexibility when cooking this at home to adjust the taste to our own preference (for example, I love XXL prawns and extra heat).

Prawns Aglio e Olio

Cooking Aglio e Olio is definitely not difficult, requiring very basic ingredients. Check out my tips for making basic Aglio Olio here. The extra step of boiling the prawn heads and shells will add some umami-ness to the Aglio Olio, but you can skip this step and use pasta water if out of time. Thanks to reader BC for sharing his wonderful tips on Aglio e Olio making.

74 comments on “Prawns Aglio e Olio”

  1. Wiffy, it looks soooo delicious! :D
    Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments, I read them all, just I’m not getting enough time to reply on time
    Still jealous of your emoticons… did not get a chance to seat down and draw my owns… but soon :P

  2. I had tried out your recipe by doubling up the amount. The combination is nice but just that it is a bit dry. Looks like the sauce is not enough to coat the pasta. Anything that I should take note?

  3. Hi lk!

    For the spaghetti, if u cooked it before hand and set aside for a while, they may become dry. Use pasta water to reconstitute the spaghetti when tossing them into the pan. btw, u have a nice blog ;)

  4. I used 3 tbsp olive oil and the cooked 200g pasta seems too huge to fit into 2 person’s stomach. Will try ur suggestion next time.

    Tks for dropping by at my blog.

    I like ur pancake with fruit too! Pancake is my son’s favourite esp banana pancake. :-)

  5. hi ! anyone know how come my chopped garlic all become burnt, black after i stir fry with olive oil? and my saucepan also got burnt at the bottom….haiz…

  6. Susan: I’m glad to hear that you tried and like it :)

    Christine: I think you have over-heated the oil, at the point the garlic is added. Like what Susan said above, the secret is a slow, low flame to prevent burning. You should hear the garlic sizzling gently in the oil if the temperature is right (on the other hand, if there is no reaction, then the temperature is too low). Hope this helps.

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  8. I tried cooking this dish, but find that the pasta still taste a bit bland. How do I improve?

  9. Did you season with salt? Start small (just a pinch) and adjust according to taste. You can double the herbs used especially if they are fresh and not those bottled type, hope this helps.

  10. I did add salt when I was boiling the pasta. Do I still need to add when frying the pasta with other ingredients? Will using more olive oil help too? Thanks for advising.

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