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20-Minute Japanese Ramen

20-Minute Japanese Ramen Recipe

This is a fun and fast way of making ramen at home – using instant ramen sauce and cooked Japanese char siu. Because not everyone wants to toll for hours making ramen from scratch.

Customize and personalize the firmness of the ramen noodles, the amount of garlic and the richness of the broth just like at a ramen shop.

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Ramen Toppings


  1. Cook dry ramen in a pot of boiling according to package instructions to desired doneness. Minus about 1 minute for firmer noodles if using dry noodles, or about 30 seconds if using fresh ones. Cook longer if you want soft noodles.
  2. Make soup base. Add concentrated ramen sauce, garlic paste and water. Bring to boil. Lower heat and dissolve the miso paste in the hot broth. Season to taste by adding more soup sauce, water and seasonings if needed.
  3. Warm up the char siu for 30 seconds in the hot soup broth. Set aside.
  4. Assemble the ramen. Distribute cooked ramen to two bowls. Ladle hot soup over the ramen. Top each bowl with 2 slices char siu and a spoonful of corn. Garnish with ramen egg, pickled red ginger, roasted seaweed and spring onion. Serve immediately.

Cooking Note(s):

  1. Noodle Substitution. If you can’t find Japanese ramen noodles, you can substitute with angel hair pasta. For low-carb, use Japanese rice shirataki noodles.
  2. Miso pasta adds a depth of flavour and richness to the ramen stock, but don’t add too much as this is not the miso version so the miso should not be overpowering. Use more concentrate ramen sauce if needed. You can also use a bit of dashi powder as an added seasoning.
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4 comments on “20-Minute Japanese Ramen”

  1. I was never a ramen fan…but now I need to reconsider it! This looks really appetizing and moreish.

  2. Wow, the Japanese char siu – 10 slices for $8+ is not expensive and looks legit! Btw, also like al-dente (instead of soft ) noodles for ramen too! Even for udon, prefer mine al-dente rather than soft ones (you know, more often, udon noodles are too soft in some eateries)

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