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Snow Fungus Soup

Snow Fungus Dessert Soup Recipe

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Snow fungus soup is a simple Chinese dessert (tong shui) to make at home. It is often cooked during Chinese New Year and auspicious occasions (I remember having it at my friend’s house on the morning of her wedding). Its sweetness symbolises sweet blessings (甜甜蜜蜜).

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This is also a simplified form of our local Cheng Tng dessert (usually Cheng Tng comes with more ingredients such as lily bulbs, sea coconut, sweet potato and barley). Snow fungus is highly nutritious and it has health benefits such as improving blood circulation, and strengthening respiratory system.

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Because I cheat (as usual) by using canned ginkgo nuts (where the nuts are already shelled and boiled), the steps and cooking time for this recipe are greatly simplified; it only took me 30 minutes to prepare this dessert.

Snow Fungus Dessert Soup Recipe

49 comments on “Snow Fungus Soup”

  1. Lovely. I like white fungus texture a lot.

  2. will it be different if we use fresh longan?

    • You can use fresh longan, just add them to the soup when serving. Traditional Chinese desserts always use dried longan but you can always substitute :)

  3. wow! healthy chinese dessert :D

  4. My version is with quail eggs, and without gingko nuts. :) Will make this soon.

  5. I love this dessert very much – so ‘cheng’ (hokkien for clear). Whenever I make this, I have to give away. My family doesn’t eat this. :(

  6. what a mouth watering dessert.

  7. Gorgeous, Wiffy! Yes, more Chinese desserts, please!

  8. Add some taro and it’ll be one of my favorite desserts. :)

  9. Love this dessert! It’s pretty hard to find dried longan here, wonder if we can use the fresh one instead? Hope you have fun on your holiday trip :)

  10. Love the white fungus soup … esp. when they are chilled. Perfect summer dessert.

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