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Tang Hoon Soup

tang hoon fish ball soup

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Tang hoon (cellophane noodles/mung bean vermicelli/glass noodles/dong fen/冬粉) is one of my favourite Chinese noodles. I love cooking with tang hoon not just for its lovely texture, but also for its ease of storage (it is sold in the dried form) and cooking (no need to pre-blanch).

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One of my favourite one-dish meals using tang hoon is to make fish ball noodle soup. The all-natural ikan bilis broth only needed 15 minutes to cook – prolonged simmering may result in bitter broth. Tang Hoon Soup (冬粉鱼丸汤) is one recipe I know I can fall back on during busy nights, as I can pull it off in 30 minutes. Don’t forget to add fried shallots oil, fried lard or fried garlic oil as a finishing touch – it makes a world of difference to this humble dish.

tang hoon fish ball soup

19 comments on “Tang Hoon Soup”

  1. I love this type of soup recipe, light but nice, sometimes I include home-made pork ball.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading yr postings each time because they are dishes which can be whipped up in the shortest time. It is hard to ‘cook a storm’ on weekdays.
    Do you pre-fry the ikan bilis briefly before boiling it?

    • Hi thanks for your kind words. I do not pre-fry the ikan bilis due to laziness, but if you do, it will definitely give additional oomph and depth to your ikan bilis soup stock.

  3. The finishing touches to me is the magic!

  4. I love this light one-dish meal – its fuss-free and yummy!

  5. That’s nice. Time needed is very short and can be really easy. I will have a try on my side too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. NICE!

    I was just lamenting on Twitter the other day on how to use up my tanghoon. Now i know. Thanks for the easy lunch idea! :)

  7. Looking fresh and delicious as always!

  8. I love this soup…so easy and so tasty…very comforting :)
    Thanks for sharing it and hope you are having a nice week Wiffy!

  9. thanks for sharing ..love your blog …

  10. I love this type of recipe – very simple, healthy and yummy!!

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