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Stir-fried Lala Clams with Belacan Chilli


Stir fry lala with blachan chilli
Stir-fried lala clams with blachan chilli (served with warm, fluffy rice)

This is my lazy bones way of wokking ‘lala’ (the malay name which everyone calls this clam by). Lala is a type of bamboo clams which is popular in Chinese and South East Asian cuisine. I used fresh (not frozen) lala clams that have already been de-shelled when I bought them at the local supermarket, so it’s a huge time saver as I do not need to pre-soak the clams in salted water to purge the sand. I also use my favourite Taho brand belacan chilli which is super hot. You can use this paste to stir fry many fiery dishes like prawns and other seafood, it’s good stuff.

Stir fry lala with blachan chilli

I am not sure if lala clams are available in western countries or what other names it goes by, but it has a distinctive orangy appearance and you can see what they look like in my picture collage below. While preparing this dish, you can cook the rice at the same time, and you will have a delightfully tummy warming meal of delicious fiery hot lala served atop warm rice within 15 minutes.

(Serves 2)

– 150g de-shelled lala clams meat
– 1 tbsp cooking oil
– 2 stalks spring onions, cut to 5cm (2 inch) lengths
– 4 cloves garlic, minced
– 1/2 onion, cut to rings
– 1 tbsp blachan chilli paste (store-bought or home-made) adjust according to your preference


1. Heat oil in wok, saute garlic, thick spring onions stalks (white part) and onion rings till fragrant.
2. Add belacan chilli paste and the lala clams and stir fry for a few minutes (remember to open your windows to air your kitchen… the belacan can be very pungent smelling :P).
3. Add the rest of the spring onions, stir fry for a minute, mixing everything well. Serve with warm rice.

Stir fry lala with blachan chilli

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39 comments on “Stir-fried Lala Clams with Belacan Chilli”

  1. I can definitely eat 2 plates of rice with these lala.

  2. Wow your dishes are amazing and your photos are so nice. I like it hot but not too much . Looks delicious though :)

  3. I can really “feel” the spiciness of this dish looking at your great shots. Really got the “UMMP” feeling! It reminds me of the Penang char kway teow. Do u think it will be a good pair for kway teow too? Hehehe! :P

  4. Hi all, thanks for the nice comments :wink:

    Peter, a clear photo of what the shells look like http://www.deliciousasianfood.com/2008/12/22/lala-clams/

    didally, yes the clams already comes de-shelled, at ntuc ^^

    tigerfish, the package says to consume within 3 days of date sale =)

    vkeong, You made me wanna go try what this ‘kam heong’ version tastes like ;p

    lk, still can’t get enough of penang food fare right? ;p

  5. This is great! Siput Lala.

  6. Lovely! I adore seafood, but because of where I live, getting is fresh is impossible. I am lucky to have such great photos like this to turn to when my seafood craving hits! Until I visit my family in Florida, that is :lol:

  7. these lala looks so delicious. it makes me wanna whip them up now.

    i have all the other ingredients at home, except lala!

  8. Never knew that it’s called Lala clams in Singapore! I am going to hit Asian grocery later tonight and I am pretty sure they sell this type of clams there. And of course, I always have bottle of belacan in my fridge! Perfect dish for -20 celcius day.

  9. lala clams sound like happiness. I wonder what these things are called around here. manila clams maybe?

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