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Steamed Cockles with Garlic

Steamed Cockles with Garlic & Chilli Recipe

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I love cockles or better known as “see hum” locally. They are also known as blood cockles because of the presence of red hamoglobin liquid inside the shells. Some find it gross, but not me –  I loveeeee them. They are added in local dishes like char kway teow, satay bee hoon & laksa and I simply love fishing for the very few prized see hum in the dish.

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It’s usually not enough to satisfy my craving, so once in a while, I made a whole dish of it by steaming cockles in lots of garlic, accompanied with sliced chilli for some heat. You can make this restaurant-quality dish too at the fraction of the price, for these clams are incredibly cheap locally (I bought a 1kg bag at the local supermarket for S$2) – definitely worth the time and effort to make at home.

Steamed Cockles with Garlic & Chilli Recipe

My friend told me that cockles are high in iron, so they are beneficial for many women or those with anemia.  This is something I indulged it once in a while, and since I’m the only one in the family who likes these cockles, I have the satisfaction of having the whole plate all to myself.

23 comments on “Steamed Cockles with Garlic”

  1. wawwww looks fantastic and must be delish! hmmm think ha think ha…it seems that i hardly see cockles here…maybe i need to go to a bigger market…

  2. Wow, look how you prepare this, easy and super yummy!

  3. I usually only eat cockles when I’m eating outside, but your recipe does make it look really simple and easy, not to mention DELICIOUS! All that garlic is making me salivate (I love garlic!)

  4. wow That’s lots of garlic!!! Cockles look so fresh and tasty.

  5. Anything with “blood” in them should be high in iron. Hee heee…
    But I don’t really dare to eat these (as most of the times they are not fully cooked when served outside) cos I never taken the Hepatitis jab before!

    And $2 for 1 kg seems really really cheap :P

  6. Garlicy! I’m very impressed- haha, somehow thinking of pasta with cockles now.

  7. I don’t eat cockles, hehe…

  8. I love cockles for soup and sate as well. I only can find the frozen ones here no fresh cockles :(

  9. Loveee cockles too. Unfortunately, we can’t source fresh ones here easily. Lucky you.

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