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Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lemon

Roast Chicken

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Note: This was first posted in Dec 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the time of the year to cook more hearty meals like a whole roast chicken. We were extremely satisfied with the end result of this particular roast chicken, I think largely due to the butter mixture which was stuffed underneath the chicken skin. For those who have not roasted a chicken before, you have to totally try it out this holiday season. Roasts like this is relatively fuss-free because the oven is doing 90% of the work, leaving the cook time to sit back and unwind this holiday season. A whole roasted chicken like this makes great party food for all occasions.

Roast Chicken

The reason why we have been roasting a chicken instead of a traditional turkey these few years – (1) my standalone oven is too small to fit in a whole turkey, (2) we are feeding only 2 persons, (3) chicken is much cheaper than turkey, (4) chicken meat usually tastes juicier and less dry than turkey, at least to me. If you are a fan of roast chicken too, do check out the other roast chicken recipes.

58 comments on “Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lemon”

  1. Wow… you had a really perfect x’mas eve dinner..

    Can see that Neko and Nihlus were enjoying on x’mas eve too :) Both of them are adorable.

    Happy Holidays to you,your family and also Neko plus Nihlus!

  2. Wow, Nihlus knows how to wipe his mouth with a tissue! :!:

    Neko chan is really enjoying the chicken, just look at his gleam eyes! :lol: I also want a piece of roast chicken. :o

  3. What a delicious & flavourful chicken that looks like…mmmmmmm. Wonderful, though I would have definitely chickened out too! Love your hampsters & their individual Christmas treats. The chopping sous chef should be immediately made indispensable; such nice help is hard to come by these days! He’s a good man, & yes chicken is certainly more moist than bland turkey. Wish you happy holidays indeed, & have a wonderful new year, filled with warmth, joy & hapiness! xoxo

  4. Nice roast chicken! A friend got hold of a free turkey, so I scrapped the idea of roasting our own. But I would have roast chicken anytime, so much more tender than turkey.

    Yours look really good with the herbs, potatoes and roasted veggies. Oh and who could resist the crispy skin. :D

    Neko is still looking good. What a sumptuous feast he had. :-)

  5. Oh this was so delightful to read! Your roast chicken looks scrumptious (Neko certainly thinks so hehe) and lovely photo arrangement.

    Nihlus is adorable too and his fur looks soft and cuddly. :XO: Such cute ham hams!

    I wish you a continued happy holiday season! (New Years is just around the corner…..wooo!)

  6. What an excellent meal you had! And a great sous chef too!

    Even Neko seemed like he was having a wonderful time.

    Very cute table setting, Wiffy.

    Merry christmas to you and to B, plus Neko. :)

  7. Oh, merry, merry christmas to you, Neko, and Nihlus! I absolutely love roast chicken this way! Looks fantastic. :D

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  8. I see even hamsters get in on the festivities! lol

    Look like you had a wonderful Christmas…health & happiness in 2009!

  9. I love roast chicken. Perfect Xmas dinner indeed! My verification word is ‘BEER.” Perhaps you needed beer to add to your meal? :)

  10. Your hamster is adorable! What cute festive photos :).

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