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Puff Pastry Soup


Chunky Soup with Puff Pastry
Chunky Soup with “Puff Pastry Hat” (Cheater’s Edition)

This is how I “dress up” a can of soup to make it taste yummier and look more gourmet. With just a can of chunky soup, puff pastry and an oven, this cute looking soup bowl with a “puff pastry top hat” can be served effortlessly. As you dig into the soup, the puff pastry will sink into the soup making it delightfully soggy. It is a fun way to enjoy an otherwise boring can of soup. Because canned soup was used here, the preparation time is only about 15 minutes.

Chunky Soup with Puff Pastry

This was actually a kitchen experiment where I tried to mimic the soup with bread top that I had in my school days at Country Manna restaurant. Back then, this soup was the reason I went to Country Manna, and it was such a treat. I was so fascinated with the bread that was on top of the soup bowl back then. Recently, after I saw a recipe for chicken pot pie using puff pastry, and I realised that puff pastry is likely the “bread” on top of my soup and so I tried it out with a can of soup. I think this was a successful experiment in finding out how it was done.

(serves 2)
– 1 can (around 500g) of chunky soup (those type that do not need to add water, just heat up and consume)
– a small piece of frozen puff pastry*
– 1 egg, beaten
– water

– oven
– pastry brush
– oven-safe soup bowls or ramekins
– a work surface dusted with flour
– a rolling pin dusted with flour

Directions (Step by Step Photos)

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
1. Thaw the frozen puff pastry at room temperature for about 1/2- 1 hour

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
2. Dust the roller and surface you are working on with some flour. Cut a portion of the puff pastry.

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
3. Roll out the dough as thin as you can (about 1 mm).

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
4. Empty the soup into oven-safe soup bowls.

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
5. Cut out a piece of rolled puff pastry dough to cover the soup bowl. Secure the edges with water.

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
6. Using a pastry brush, brush egg all over the puff pastry so that it will have a nice sheen after baking.

How to make chunky soup with puff pastry
7. Bake in preheated oven of 180C (356F) for roughly 10-15 minutes till the puff pastry is puffy and golden brown.

* Where to buy puff pastry in Singapore. You can purchase it at the frozen section of supermarkets. I purchase mine (Sunshine brand) at NTUC Tampines Mall. Only the bigger NTUC outlets sell this. You can also get it at other supermarkets such as Cold Storage.

71 comments on “Puff Pastry Soup”

  1. What a fun idea, it definitely makes a can of soup much better. :)

  2. Yumy – I love something that you can make really quickly but still looks like you’ve slaved away all day at it.

  3. we just love this. in fact we went to a chinese restaurant the other day and they served a soy milk based dessert in a similar way with puff pastry on top

  4. Really thanks for your useful tips!

  5. Same here for me! The first time i had this was…let me see.. years back at Country Manna at Tampines Century Square (It’s such a long time!) !

    My dad loves the puff pastry move than the mushroom soup!

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  6. I never saw a can of soup looking so delicious! Love it!

  7. I have the same experiences as you – Country Manna! And also tried to mimic that soup at home. I have done this soup in smaller cups and they can be cute party soups. Everyone gets a little cup of puff pastry soup to go around. Very party-friendly.

  8. Country Manna!!!! You really brought back memories! ;) Yes, the filo pastry was the reason why the soup was extra delish, wasn’t it? :)

  9. Very clever! Another great tip from you!

  10. Yum that looks delicious! And it’s so simple :) thanks for posting!

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