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Pomegranate Soju

Pomegranate Soju Recipe

Use pomegranate with dark red seeds (US, Taiwan and Korean variety) for best sweetness and colour, as compared to the ones with pale pink seeds.

Pure pom juice stains surfaces and fabrics. Be careful when making and handling the juice. Clean up immediately if staining occurs.



  • seeds from 1 large pomegranate (석류/石榴)
  • 1 bottle (330 ml) Korean unflavoured soju (소주/燒酒) chilled

You also need

  • wire mesh bowl
  • large bowl
  • pestle
  • glass pitcher and soju short glasses


  1. Extract pomegranate seeds. Cut pomegranate in half. Break them into smaller sections. Take out the seeds, discarding any membrane or white pulp.
  2. Make pomegranate juice. Place a wire mesh bowl in a larger bowl. Add pomegranate seeds into the inner mesh bowl. Use a pestle (or any heavy blunt object like the top of a large carrot) to pound the seeds to extract the juice until the seeds are drained. Transfer the pure pom juice to a glass bottle to chill in the fridge.
  3. Make pom soju. In a serving glass pitcher, pour equal parts chilled soju and pom juice (or any higher/lower soju concentration as desired).


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