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Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts Recipe

Refer to page one of this recipe for detailed step-by-step photos.


  • 125 grams butter cut to small cubes and chilled in fridge
  • flour to dust work surface
  • 420 grams of pineapple tart jam

(A) Dry Ingredients

  • 200 grams unbleached, plain or all-purpose flour
  • 20 grams corn flour
  • 1/4 tsp fine salt

(B) Egg, water, sugar

  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp cold water add 1/2 tbsp at a time to get the correct consistency
  • 40 grams icing (confectioner’s) sugar

Egg wash

  • 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp water



  1. Sift (A) to a large mixing bowl. Mix well.
  2. Rub cold butter into the flour with fingertips until the mixture resembles coarse bread crumbs.
  3. Add (B). Gently knead to a soft dough (do not over knead).
  4. Divide dough to 4 small portions. Wrap each portion in cling film, and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm it up.
  5. Meanwhile, weigh and shape the pineapple jam to 6 gram balls.
  6. After 30 minutes of chilling, take out one portion of dough, at a time, from the fridge.
  7. Dust work surface and rolling pin with flour. Roll the dough to 7 mm thickness.
  8. Dust the mould with flour before cutting out the tart shells. Brush tart shells with egg wash.
  9. Space tart shell 1 cm apart on baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  10. Bake the tart shells at 180°C (356°F) middle rack for 10 minutes.
  11. After baking, place a ball of pineapple jam on the cavity of each tart shell.
  12. Return tart shells back to oven to continue baking for 5 minutes until golden.
  13. When the pineapple tarts are cooled, store them in an air-tight container.
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