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Osmanthus Jelly

Osmanthus Jelly Recipe

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When I was in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago, one of my shopping missions was to buy some dried osmanthus flowers to bring back to Singapore (update: it’s now easy to buy them locally).

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I wanted to make a refreshing and healthy osmanthus flower tea jelly (桂花糕) with it. I love the wonderful aroma of the flowers, which is distinctive and yet, gentle at the same time.

Osmanthus Jelly Recipe

85 comments on “Osmanthus Jelly”

  1. The pictures prove that you have bought some good quality dried osmanthus. I have been thinking to make this lovely dessert for helping to calm the heat as well. Though I usually make this with agar-agar, I also add wolf berries.

  2. Looks really good and reminds me that I have not made jelly for a long time now. Love the colours of this dessert.

  3. You make the prettiest jellies……you really do! Glad you had fun on your trip and found some goodies to use in the kitchen. Oh, and is that a new punchi backdrop I see? :D *squeals*

  4. So pretty! Had this in HK too, so yumm!

  5. I have always like your taste of desserts and this one is no different! It’s fresh and light. Love how healthy this is in comparison to other cream laden desserts. A nice change!

  6. I really want to rob you: now, tell me, where exactly can i find this xx flower…><

  7. My children would really love this. They are crazy over konnyaku jelly.

  8. The jellies are so pretty! This is a great use for dried flowers. Now I’m wondering about the flavor of osmanthus flowers.

  9. These jellos are so pretty! I’ve never had them before. Would definitely try making it.

  10. I’ve not made this for a long time, thanks for th reminder.

    I bought my flowers from Bee’s Brand in Singapore, can’t remember how much though. And I thought I rem seeing it in PH now too.

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