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Okra in Ponzu Sauce

Here’s a super quick recipe for okra (lady finger) lovers. This okra salad in ponzu sauce is a popular side dish in a Japanese bento. The ingredients in this recipe are few and you can enjoy it chilled or at room temperature.

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Ponzu Sauce
This is my (almost-finished) bottle of ponzu sauce, which is actually soy sauce seasoned with vinegar and citrus (most commonly yuzu). It’s sour, sweet and savoury. While I mostly use it as a dipping sauce for shabu-shabu or Japanese nabe, this is another way of using it directly as the seasoning sauce in a dish. It’s fast and convenient for lazy noob cooks like me :P

Okra in Ponzu Sauce Recipe
Making this dish is too simple. After cooking the okra either by steaming or boiling, they are placed in a bowl of ice water to cool down (this retains the green hue and prevents yellowing). Slice the okra and toss with ponzu sauce. Garnish with some bonito flakes. This easy orka salad is ready in under 15 minutes.

Okra in Ponzu Sauce Recipe
This can be prepared in advanced and kept chilled in a food container in the fridge. Enjoy!~

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  1. Salty and sour…sounds very appetizing and tasty!

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