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Nian Gao with Egg

Chinese like to keep nian gao or Chinese New Year Cake at home during the lunar new year celebrations for auspiciousness. The Chinese word “nian gao” 年糕 sounds like “higher year” so it signifies greater success in the coming year. The stickiness also represents family togetherness and closeness.

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After the celebrations, my mother will usually pan-fry the nian gao with egg for breakfast. She will dip the nian gao slices in nothing else but beaten egg, but trying her method out myself, I find that the egg do not stick to the nian gao well. So I made a light egg batter with flour and I find that the egg batter works much better this time round. Try out this easy recipe if you have leftover nian gao lying around. Serve it with Chinese tea to aid digestion as nian gao is sticky and filling.

Nian gao
For ease of cutting the nian gao, refrigerate it overnight before cutting.


Consistency of the egg batter (semi-thick and smooth).

27 comments on “Nian Gao with Egg”

  1. Interesting dish! It looks like French Toast….sorta? Beautiful photos! :)

  2. that’s the way I eat it back at home-and if I do get my hands on nian gao- this year, we are watching our sugar intake, so not having this but just looking at this makes me drool.

  3. YUMMY! I just loved the nian gao!

  4. In Malaysia, nian gao is known as “kuih bakul”. My mother-in-law also told me about frying it with egg batter. Now, I’m excited to try it out. How many nian gao did you use for this recipe?

  5. I love egg battered nian gao too!

  6. Wow. I am literally drooling over these pictures!

  7. Thanks for the recipe. If I use sweet potatoes, do I have to boil the sweet potatoes first?

  8. I usually have nian gao fried with dough, but fried with egg does sound like an interesting AND yummy idea! definitely trying this with my excess nian gao :)

  9. You can either boil or pan-fry first.

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