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Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea

Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea Recipe

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My mum treated me to a spa session some time back and one of the most memorable thing that happened (besides the massage, of course) is that they served a cup of delicious, home-brewed luo han guo (arhat fruit/monk’s fruit/罗汉果) herbal tea  (罗汉果凉茶) during the session. Maybe I haven’t been to many spas, but nowadays I seldom see them serving home-made drinks. According to my mum, they brew herbal teas every morning to serve their customers. Maybe it’s psychological, but I do feel healthy and refreshed drinking it especially coupled with the massage. So I decided to try making my own herbal tea at home.

Luo Han Guo (Monk's Fruit)

Previously, I have used the fruit to cook with watercress soup whenever I have a sore throat. This herbal tea is easier to make and I can make it more regularly than the soup as a healthy herbal drink and thirst quencher. I also added a little of two of my favourite ingredients for herbal drink – namely American ginseng and chrysanthemum flowers. They complement the luo han guo well and make the drink extra cooling and delicious.

47 comments on “Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea”

  1. I never see the real fruit of Luo Han Guo. But, I like drinking the tea everytime I have sore throat/cough since I was a kid. Thanks Wiffy for sharing the pics!

  2. Luo han guo has brought a hug wave in Hong Kong cooking. I received lots of emails spreading the mouth of words of this unique fruit, telling people that this fruit is very good to our health. Immediately, I bought a packet of Luo han guo and cooked watercress with it. :)

    • yes, it’s one of the few Chinese ingredient being termed as longevity food. It’s really healthy and I try to make this drink or the watercress soup once in a while :)

  3. This is really interesting!

  4. Sometimes, I just boil the luo han guo alone. If there are apples in my fruit basket, I’ll make it into a Luo Han Guo Apple Tea.
    Am with you as well, sugar is not that necessary.

  5. Tell ya, this is my all time favourite drinks and I made for my family very often. But, this is the first time I read about adding ginseng and chrysanthemum flowers into it. What a great combination! I am going to try it the next time. You have also giving me the idea of putting the loh han guo in the soup bag! great idea! :D

    • Thanks Alice. I find luo han guo alone a bit boring and I saw some Chinese medical halls adding ginseng and chrysanthemum flowers. Makes the tea more cooling and aromatic. Hope you like it when you try it out :)

  6. I so needed that drink right now. Thanks for sharing the recipe, next time if I see it in the Asian market, I need to buy and try it too. I love your stock bag, I hope I can find it here, it will be so convenient.

    • Hope you find it too. The stock bag is cheap and very handy to have especially for stews and soups. Save me hassle of sieving the ingredients.

  7. So good! With a treat to a spa and so good! with a natural soothing tea. All so good!

  8. I just saw huo han guo at the Chinese store and was racking my brain to figure out what uses it has. This looks very nourishing.

  9. Luo Hon Guo is so good for you, your tea with the chrysanthemum and ginseng sounds even more nourishing!

  10. I think I will definitely enjoy this. My mother makes one or the other. Never combine them together. I will let her know, she’ll like this.

    Love your spice bag! Or soup stock bags

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