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Lump Crab Roll

Life is good when I get to indulge in some fresh crab in the comfort of home. This lump crab roll is just like lobster roll, but made with crab instead of lobster. Lump crab roll is easier than making lobster roll, as the crabmeat I bought was already cooked and ready to use. Crabmeat (even the more expensive lump crab cut) is still more affordable than lobster. Best of all, this is a really easy recipe that can be made in 20 minutes.

Lump Crab Roll Recipe

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Lump Crab Roll Recipe


Sea Munch Lump Crab Meat

Sea Munch Lump Crab Meat

This is the brand of pasteurised cooked lump crab (Sea Munch) used for this recipe. It was also the crabmeat I used in my previous lump crab avocado salad recipe. For this recipe, I recommend using lump crab as it will be nice to see some small chunks of crabmeat in the bun. However, it is fine to use any cut of cooked crab meat, even the flaky type.


Lump Crab Roll Ingredients

Other than the crabmeat, here are the rest of the ingredients. On the plate: celery, shallots & spring onions. Usually in a roll, chives are used, but they are more expensive & not available daily here, so I substituted with local spring onions (the green part). There are also lemon, mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, and wholemeal hotdog buns.


I used a small amount of ingredients for taking the step-by-step photos, as I had some leftover lump crab salad in the fridge. So the amount of crab salad you see is slightly lesser than that needed to fill a bun. 

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)
In a mixing bowl, add celery, shallots and spring onions (or chives). Grate some lemon zest.

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)
Add olive oil, mayonnaise & a squeeze of lemon juice.

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)
Add lump crab meat and stir to mix well, taking care not to not flake the crabmeat. Keeping the lump crab intact will make this roll look & taste more premium :p


Lump Crab Roll (Hotdog Bun)
Make a lengthwise slit in the top of a hotdog bun without cutting all the way through.

Lump Crab Roll (Toasting Hotdog Bun)
Toast the bun. Grease a pan with a few drops of oil. Then on medium low heat, toast the bread on the bottom and the two long sides until lightly toasted. This will make the toasted sides crisp on the outside while the bun remains soft and fluffy on the inside.

Lump Crab Roll (Step-by-Step)
For more flavour, spread some butter in the cavity of the bun.

Lump Crab Roll Recipe

Lump Crab Roll Recipe
Line the bun cavity with one whole romaine lettuce leaf. Then scoop generous amounts of seasoned crabmeat to fill the bun. You can garnish with a bit more lemon zest and spring onions (chives) if you wish. If you have any leftover lump crab salad, you can serve them on top of a lettuce leaf.

Lump Crab Roll Recipe
I enjoyed my crab roll with a glass of dry white wine. Life is good. Cooking & eating at home is getting more enjoyable for me these days :)

2 comments on “Lump Crab Roll”

  1. I wish I could have this for my lunch! So much better than any fast food.

  2. I do enjoy eating at home, but not necessarily the cooking. :p
    The celery, shallots, spring onions – such nice added crunch to the crab mix.

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