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Lemon barley drink

Lemon Barley Drink

Lemon barley drink (柠檬薏米水) is another super-easy, refreshing drink that is perfect for the hot summer weather. The barley drink tastes good with or without lemon, and I usually add some lemon juice/lemon slice before serving for  added Vitamin C and colour. Winter melon sugar complement the taste of barley more than rock sugar in my opinion, but it is not as sweet, so you can add a small amount of rock sugar, to taste, to sweeten up if you like. Barley drink has cooling properties and perfect for combating the hot weather. I remember that my mum used to make me a whole water bottle of barley water to bring to school. This is a very mild “liang teh” which can be drank often – even daily.

Lemon Barley Drink

37 comments on “Lemon barley drink”

  1. This is a standard at my home too. My son loves it! I skip the pandan, use melon sugar and sometimes wolfberries.
    I agree – great photo!

  2. I like your teacup too! Love the blue foral print in the last photo.

    It’s been some times since I boiled some barley water. Adding lemon makes the drink even more refreshing.

  3. This drink is so exotic to me. I’ve never had a barley drink before. It looks refreshing!

  4. absolutely love this! a must try! :)

  5. Ooh I love barley and you have just reminded me I should be boiling this now that its so hot here. Lovely pictures btw!

  6. ooo. I love this drink as well. Esp ice cold! Home made is always nicer as u can adjust the level of sweetness.

  7. I have not tried a barley drink before. But with pandan and wintermelon sticks, I’m sure this tastes good. I love your teacup!

  8. Can we add winter melon together with the barley and pandan?

  9. I agree. Putting the lemon just brightens up the entire picture :)
    Singapore is so hot that I need to drink more of this.

  10. Hi everyone, thank you for the nice comments :XO:

    Dee – wow wolfberries, sounds interesting … I shall try this next time :)

    PP: Yup isn’t the weather unbearable? No amount of cooling drinks is enough :o

    Hi juhuacha, I usually add sugar at the last step because after boiling for half hour, the water will evaporate and you may cause the drink to be over-sweetened ;) If I’m using rock sugar (instead of melon sugar), I add them only during the last 5 minutes. :-)

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