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How to Cook Porridge/Congee (Stove-top Method)

How to Cook Porridge

Anytime the water runs dry (you will hear ‘popping’ sounds), just add hot water to keep the porridge watery and simmering.

If you leave the pot of cooked porridge for some time, you will realise that the rice grains will soak up all the water. Just add hot water, mix well with a ladle and if you like, bring to a simmer again before serving.


  • 1 cup rice
  • 2 litres water (estimated)


  1. Wash rice grains, use your hand to give the water a few swirls and discard rice water.
  2. Fill pot with water. Cover with lid and bring the pot to a boil, then reduce heat to a low simmer. Leave the lid partially opened.
  3. Every 10 minutes or so, use a soup ladle to gently scrap the bottom of the pan to loosen and dislodge the rice grains that stick to the bottom.
  4. Cook the porridge according to the consistency you like. If you still want to see the rice grain, it usually takes about 20 minutes. Another 10 minutes and the grains separates. Simmer even longer for a more watery, finer and more congee-like consistency.

Noob Cook Tips

  1. If you want to be fancy, you can also add ingredients for naturally sweetening the porridge, such as dried scallops, soy beans, carrots, ikan bilis and red dates.
  2. You can use the water for washing the rice grains to water plants (but don’t keep the water for too long as they may turn moldy).

Step-by-Step Photos


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