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How to Butterfly Prawns

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How to Butterfly Prawns


For better butterflied prawn results, use large prawns (at least 10 grams).


  1. Using kitchen scissors, snip and discard the antenna, rostum, front legs, swimming legs and the sharp ends of the tail.
  2. Make a top slit across the back of the prawns all the way to the end of the tail. Discard the black veins. Make a top slit across the head, discard any dirty bits and rinse the prepared prawn clean. If there is any black vein at the underside of the prawn, make a small incision and use a toothpick to pry it out.
  3. For partially butterflied prawns. Cut a little deeper to make a cavity. Be careful not to cut too deep or you may end up halving the prawns instead.
  4. For full butterflied prawns. After making the cavity, hold down the prawn flat in the chopping board. Gently use your fingers to spread out and flatten the body of the prawn.

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