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Green Apple & Celery Juice

Celery and Green Apple Juice

I’m not sure if I can rightly call this a “recipe” because it is so no-brainer and there’s no cooking involved. But I am still posting it because this is one of my fave fruit juices consisting of only two simple ingredients – green apple & celery. I think that both food complement each other very well when put together. I learnt about this wonderful pairing from a fruit juice stall vendor who told me that this drink has detoxifying properties. I then read up and found that it has “negative (zero) calories”, anti-oxidant and a host of other benefits … but really, I just love the refreshing and unique taste in this one.

I’ve always love green apples over red ones because I prefer sour over sweet. Celery is something which I believe you either love or hate … and thankfully I love celery, especially when it’s raw & juiced. I’m trying to eat a little healthier and including more fish (like this red snapper and salmon) and juices in my diet is definitely a great start for me.

(Makes 1 glass about 250 ml)

– 4 green apples
– celery stalks (3-12 depending on the intensity of the celery taste you want)

1. Just blend everything in a fruit juice extractor =P

Celery and Green Apple Juice

55 comments on “Green Apple & Celery Juice”

  1. i tried drink celery n green apple juice, u believe or not in 2 weeks i lost 5 kg.
    This defintely a very healty drink.

  2. Pals, with so much saying about the sliming effect of this juice mix, is there anyone out there that has truly benefited from it with visible results ? If so, care to share a little ? thanks.

  3. I lose 7kg in 60 days after trying tis

  4. Hi Jennifer, interesting to know that.
    1. Did you couple this with any exercise/dietery plan?
    2. How much did you drink it daily, and when?

  5. Jennifer: wow I’m really amazed! Hope you see ken’s questions, I’m really curious myself too :)

  6. Sorry, but I tried apple, carrot, broccoli and two stalks of celery in my blender, I enjoyed the drink, but I suffered severe burning in my urine, I drank lots of water thereafter and it only subsided after I popped in 2 urispas tablets. Did I do something wrong?

  7. wow! thats a wonderfull drink..thanks for sharing…

  8. Is it good and healthy to drink green apple juice everyday

  9. I try at home made a celery juice, This makes me be sick, unpleasant smells, but I’ve never tried to mix the apple … even so I still drink it because I’m sure a lot of useful biological celery

  10. Sounds simple enough! I’ve read u shouldn’t juice the core of apples however. The seeds contain small amounts of cyanide.

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