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Green Apple & Celery Juice

Celery and Green Apple Juice

I’m not sure if I can rightly call this a “recipe” because it is so no-brainer and there’s no cooking involved. But I am still posting it because this is one of my fave fruit juices consisting of only two simple ingredients – green apple & celery. I think that both food complement each other very well when put together. I learnt about this wonderful pairing from a fruit juice stall vendor who told me that this drink has detoxifying properties. I then read up and found that it has “negative (zero) calories”, anti-oxidant and a host of other benefits … but really, I just love the refreshing and unique taste in this one.

I’ve always love green apples over red ones because I prefer sour over sweet. Celery is something which I believe you either love or hate … and thankfully I love celery, especially when it’s raw & juiced. I’m trying to eat a little healthier and including more fish (like this red snapper and salmon) and juices in my diet is definitely a great start for me.

(Makes 1 glass about 250 ml)

– 4 green apples
– celery stalks (3-12 depending on the intensity of the celery taste you want)

1. Just blend everything in a fruit juice extractor =P

Celery and Green Apple Juice

55 comments on “Green Apple & Celery Juice”

  1. I love this concoction! But if you want a little zing add ginger to it (about the size of the top of your thumb). Just throw it in your juicer with the other veggies. Oh and I find that green apple adds just enough sweet to any veggie juicing recipe. And ginger to ANY recipe brings the zing. :-) try it and let me know what you think. I can’t take the credit. I learned it from my dear friend that introduced me to juicing. :-)

  2. What a great idea. I’m trying this now! :)

  3. Just had this right now, yummy way to start the day!

  4. do i need to peel the apple?

  5. I never eat celery because i realy hate the smell, but after this very easy “recipe” i can eat more than twelve celery stalks every day, thanks……

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