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Gift Idea: Home Made Muesli


Home Made Museli

If you’re still scurrying for that perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, why not hand make something for them – such as this bottle of home mixed muesli? It’s inexpensive, nutritious (definitely something healthy to eat after all that holiday feasting) and comes straight from the heart.

The idea came about because I was mixing all my leftover oats, grains, nuts and seeds for my little hamster Mario as a yummy blend to supplement his daily food. After I finished mixing this, I realised that it looks yummy enough for a human too! I tried it with milk, and it is sooooo delicious. I feel healthy eating this :)

Home Made Museli

This is easy to prepare and you’ll be able to prepare them in no time at all. You might also already have most of the ingredients in your pantry, especially if you bake. All the ingredients can be easily found at the organic dried goods/health goods section of your supermarket.

I did not measure the exact proportions of the ingredients I used because I think this is really flexible. You can use whatever nuts, grains and seeds you like.

Home Made Museli

This is what my bottle contains:
– Oats and grains (these make up the main body of the museli blend) – instant oats, wheatgerm or any pre-mixed grain mix from health foods store
– Chopped nuts – pecans, macademia nuts, peanuts, walnuts
– Seeds and grains – flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, millet
– Dried fruits (add this for sweetness) – raisins, dried cranberries (chopped)

Mix well in a large bowl so that the ingredients are evenly distributed before bottling.

Gifting suggestion
Store this in an attractive, air tight glass bottle, use a paper to cover the top (writing your holiday message on it) before closing the lid and decorate the bottle with mini Christmas ornaments.

How to eat
Pour muesli in a small bowl and add milk. You can also serve with fresh fruits such as bananas or blueberries. For a sweeter taste, add more raisins/fruits, or if you want it really sweet, add a bit of caster sugar/syrup/honey to taste.

Note: If you are giving this mix to your hamster, do remember that almond nut skin is toxic to hamsters, take extra care to remove all the skin if you are including chopped almond nuts. Check if the ingredients are hamster-safe before including it in the blend.

Home Made Museli

27 comments on “Gift Idea: Home Made Muesli”

  1. Looks beautiful too this little healthy gift. Really a good idea!

  2. NC, I’ve had every intention to make Muesli, time and again, but always end up buying it instead.
    Yours look pretty and festive, with its glistening topper.

  3. Your Mario is just too lucky, ye!

  4. Sounds great to mix oats, grains, nuts etc to make muesli :)

  5. I’ve been making Christmas Gifts for close friends myself.It’s really great to give them something you personally did.

  6. I am not a muesli person, but it’s indeed a healthy and beautiful-looking gift! Merry Christmas by the way! :)

  7. I bet Mario enjoyed his sampling of this muesli. :lol: It looks so festive and sounds good too. I love grains and cereal like this!

  8. It sure looks healthy and make a great gift.

  9. i love muesli with yogurt! it’s great to have mixed your own :) Healthy for us, and hamsters too.. he he..

  10. Looks so pretty in color and it’s a great gift indeed. You are so creative Wiffy!

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