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Roast Chicken with Stuffing

Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe

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I love Christmas as it’s the time when our supermarkets stock festive ingredients only during this season, such as stuffing mix (seasoned bread cubes) for making traditional stuffed roasted poultry. In this recipe, the combination of roasted chicken with cubed bread stuffing and potatoes looked and tasted deliciously rustic.

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Stuffing Mix Stuffing mix is essentially cubed bread with herbs and spices. You can use any brand.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Prepare stuffing by melting some butter in a pan and cooking the celery and onions on low heat. Add chicken broth, bring to a simmer. Add stuffing mix, thyme and garlic, lightly coating the bread cubes with the broth. Allow to cool.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Brush olive oil evenly all over the chicken. Season with salt rub, freshly cracked black pepper and garlic powder.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Truss the chicken by tying the chicken thighs together with kitchen twine. Loosely fill (to allow room for the stuffing to expand during roasting) the cavity of the chicken with cooked stuffing mix.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe In a roasting tray, coat potatoes and carrots in olive oil (about 1 tbsp) and season with sea salt and black pepper. Arrange one layer on roasting tray. Add thyme, garlic cloves, bay leaves and lemon.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Place chicken on a higher wire rack in the oven, with the roasted vegetables tray beneath it to catch the chicken juices. If you don’t have a wire rack you can prop the chicken on top of the vegetables in the tray. Roast chicken with vegetables tray beneath it in preheated oven of 220°C (428°F) for half hour.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Take the chicken out and baste it with olive oil all over the chicken skin. Return chicken to the wire rack in oven and bake for another 20 minute at 220°C (428°F) and after that, baste chicken once more with olive oil.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Add the remaining stuffing mix to the vegetables tray and mix well. Roast chicken and vegetables at 200°C (392°F) for 20 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Cover roasted chicken with aluminium foil and allow it to relax for at least 5 minutes or more before carving.
Roast Chicken with Stuffing Recipe Serve dinner plate with roast chicken, roasted stuffing and vegetables and not forgetting the crispy chicken skin.

55 comments on “Roast Chicken with Stuffing”

  1. This will be my first attempt to roast a chicken during Christmas rather than purchase cooked ones. Hopefully it will be a success, if not I will have to call for KFC delivery. Hehe… Can I know where to buy kitchen twine? As a beginner, should I omit the stuffing? Is it easy to apply the butter paste under the skin? Thanks.

  2. hi juhuacha, kitchen twine – can buy at Daiso… only S$2!
    Yep you can omit the stuffing. you can just stuff the cavity with herbs like thyme & rosemary, garlic cloves, lemon etc … check out my other roast chicken recipe.
    as for applying butter paste under the skin – you mean this? http://www.flickr.com/photos/76973219@N00/3137484200/ … it’s not difficult at all but you have to be careful not to tear the skin while doing so. check out this recipe which uses this technique.
    hope my roast chicken recipe will not disappoint you this Christmas and you don’t have to resort to KFC, lol :p

    • Hi Wiffy,
      It takes me half a day to explore and prepare the chicken for roasting. Glad that it turns out nice and juicy. Thanks for yr recipe.

  3. Looks so yummy!! Will be trying out tis Friday => can I check with you whether I can roast cobs of corn as well besides the potatoes and carrots? My son just loves corn

  4. Hi, i just tried your recipe today! the chicken taste really delicious & juicy.. just don know why, my carrots and potatoes were burnt after the 2nd time i return it into my oven.. i did coat them with olive oil…

    • maybe the oven heat is too high … every oven is different. you can either turn down the heat slightly, or add them in a bit later. Also, I use harder type of roasting potatoes such as baby potatoes.

    • Thank you for your reply! Will try it again today! May you and your family have a Merry Christmas…

  5. wow this looks amazing and my family just loves garlic…think this could work on a big turkey? Any additional tips on how to do it?

  6. Oh no I can’t find the breadcrumbs at ntuc ):

    • I saw it at NTUC finest and Cold Storage. I think normal NTUC don’t usually carry this item.

    • ahhh thanks! (: i went to the big NTUC at Hougang Point and was disappointed not to find any. Anyway i made the chicken without the stuffing :D

  7. I honestly don’t know how I’ve never thought of stuffing a chicken before (DUH!), but it is genius. I have to do this immediately!

  8. Where can you buy string for trussing?

  9. cant wait to make this

  10. cant wait to make this

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