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DIY Cucumber Eye Mask

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DIY Cucumber Eye Pads

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I learned to make these DIY cucumber eye pads from Michelle Phan’s “DIY Ice Cucumber Pads” video. The only tiny tweak I made from her recipe was that I used pure cucumber juice instead of diluting it with water.

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Ever since I discovered this tutorial, my freezer is always full of these DIY eye pads. They are all-natural, cheap and a very effective remedy to combat puffy eyes & dark circles. Cucumbers have high water content, so you can make about 20-30 eye pads with each cucumber. Store them using ziplock bags in the freezer, thaw two whenever needed, and place them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. My eyes area instantly felt lighter and more rejuvenated. Like Michelle Phan said, “bye bye puffy eyes”!

DIY Cucumber Eye Treatment
Cucumber Eye Treatment Pads

These eye pads are more effective than the traditional way of placing two chilled cucumber slices over the eyes because 1) the cotton pads cling nicely to fit the contours of your eyes, hence promoting maximum contact area & absorption 2) the cucumber extract found in an eye pad is much more concentrated than that from a cucumber slice.

  • Properties: Hydrating, refreshing, cooling, soothing; reduce eyes puffiness & dark circles.
  • Suitable for: Tired & puffy eyes, dark circles.
  • Frequency: Can be used daily

27 comments on “DIY Cucumber Eye Mask”

  1. Hehe the last photo is way TOO cute! :D This is a great “recipe” wiffy. Love that you introduced a beauty post amongst your cooking recipes. You have the best, most creative ideas. Definitely want to try these sometime!

  2. store in freezer? not in fridge?

  3. is there any other way to do this without a fruit juice extractor?

  4. the recipes you have presented in a very good way thanks a lot for sharing it.

  5. Hi thanx for such a easy & cheap recipe….. i have spend so much money but no result now i i have tried ur recipe its realy working & its natural…thanx again….

  6. Hi, thanks for uploading this awesome DIY eye mask. Wanted to ask, is it a must to place them in the freezer or leaving them in the fridge is okay? Also, how long should the cotton pads (with the cucumber juice) be kept before it’s not really that effective anymore? For example, if I’ve had them in the freezer for more than 2 weeks, and plan to use them only after 2 weeks, will it be less effective?

    • Hi, I personally think that they last a long time in the freezer (months!) without losing their effectiveness. But if you are keeping in the fridge, I will recommend using within a few days.

    • That’s great! Thanks a lot for the tip!(: Can’t wait to try it out today.

  7. the juice is with or without seeds?
    can apply it any time or must in morning?

  8. you meant blend the whole cucumber ( including skin and seeds ) and filter out the juice?

    • I am using a fruit juice extractor, not blender, so the machine can filter out everything and only give me the juice. For that, I only need to cut the cucumber to large chunks. If you are using a blender, peel and discard the cucumber skin. Cut to large chunks. Place in blender and process. Then extract the juice via a cheesecloth something similar to what I used in https://noobcook.com/soy-bean-milk/

  9. Using a coffee filter also works very well instead of a cheesecloth

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