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Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

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I cooked this soup for my friend who only eats vegetables and seafood. We had this soup with some grilled scallops and shrimps aglio olio.

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I’ve always like portobello mushrooms for their deep, earthy flavours and “meaty” texture. The deep flavours of the portobello mushrooms goes well with the subtle aroma of the white wine. The mushroom bits and cream give the soup a velvety and nice texture. The soup is creamy and slightly chunky so it is filling on its own. We serve it with some basil macadamia pesto on toast.

Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

83 comments on “Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup”

  1. Go buy the stuff then we can make and you all can hv it for lunch!

  2. Hi Wiffy,

    is it safe to put hot soup into a blender to blend? Pardon my ignorance, I’ve never used a food processor before.

    Also in step 8, you mentioned a few drops of cream, is that the thickened cream also?


  3. Hello,
    is it possible to cook this from scratch. as in I would like to prepare this without the use of any sort of stock.I want to try make this on Christmas for my family but we are really sensitive to stock. (my dad dislike the taste and my little sister get all red and scratchy, that’s why we always eat home-cooked food D:)

    please let me know if there is other alternatives. 


    • you can make your own vegetable or chicken stock (check out https://noobcook.com/all-recipes/#broth). my friend also told me can make mushroom stock by using mushroom stems, but I have not tried before. I bought organic soup broth at NTUC before, I can’t remember the brand, it costs about S$6.50 per tetra pak and placed with at the organic foods section, it’s quite natural – don’t really have that artificial MSG taste if that’s what your family is sensitive about.

    • Thank you so much for replying, I’m cooking dinner tonight ;D

  4. Hi,

    was wondering if i could substitute or omit the wine? as i do not take it.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi, a few questions
    1) what is thickened cream and where can i buy
    2) is the inner part of portobello mushroom edible, do i need to remove it?

    Thank you

  6. What can I substitute white wine for?

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  8. Hi ,

    thanks for the lovely recipe. I have made this before- followed your recipe (without the white wine) and it turned out excellent. Am planning to make this again, but am currently trying to be dairy free for health reasons – hence planning to sub olive oil for butter n planning on omiting the cream. Also might try using organic vegetable stock instead of the woh hup mushroom stock. Do u think it will work? any other tips you might have to make it more creamier without dairy? Thanks so much in advance :)


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  10. The mushroom soup looks yummy. However, I do not have a blender or food processor. Is it ok if I miss this step. Can I replace thickened cream with corn flour?

    • Yep you can thicken the soup with cornstarch at the end but cream will give it more flavour and a velvety finish. Without the blender, the soup will not be smooth in texture, but that’s ok I guess if you don’t mind.

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