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Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

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I cooked this soup for my friend who only eats vegetables and seafood. We had this soup with some grilled scallops and shrimps aglio olio.

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I’ve always like portobello mushrooms for their deep, earthy flavours and “meaty” texture. The deep flavours of the portobello mushrooms goes well with the subtle aroma of the white wine. The mushroom bits and cream give the soup a velvety and nice texture. The soup is creamy and slightly chunky so it is filling on its own. We serve it with some basil macadamia pesto on toast.

Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

81 comments on “Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup”

  1. yum…this looks like a great combination of soup and bread!

  2. Ok, this has got to be the most delicious looking soup! I love good mushroom soup (not the canned variety, of course). I adore Daiso too and that bowl is the cutest.

  3. Wow.. this soup sure look great!!!! I love mushroom soup the most out of all the westen soup… thanks for sharing :)

  4. Sounds like a delicious meal! I’m a fan of portobellos too, and your soup looks great.

  5. wiffy, this set of photos is SO nice! :up: Not only does the food look amazing, but the whole color combo and arrangement looks fresh and bursting with color. I think the blue “punchi” bowl has a great deal to play in making this all look so good. ;)

    VERY nice!

  6. I’m not a big mushroom fan, but it sure looks lovely. Heh. And macadamia pesto? That sounds awesome. Is that a recipe from here? Did I somehow miss it?

  7. Love the flavours in this soup and photos like usually… first class! :)

  8. Oh yum, would love to steal the bowl of soup from the screen.

  9. The bowls are adorable! And the soup so rich and flavorful! That pesto sounds so delicious too! :XO:

  10. Wow! Looks very rich and am pretty sure like you said it can be a meal on its own. Nice!

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