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Cranberry Sauce Muffins

Cranberry Sauce Muffin Recipe

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This recipe is a good use of any leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas. I haven’t made muffins for a while so I thought I will make something from my leftover cranberries while the Christmas mood is still lingering. I use back my trusty blueberry muffins base recipe, but I half the sugar since the cranberry sauce is already sweet . The mild sweetness of the muffins complement the tartness of the cranberries very well. Forget about leftovers, I think I will make cranberry sauce just to bake these!

Cranberry Sauce Muffin Recipe

28 comments on “Cranberry Sauce Muffins”

  1. We always have too much leftover cranberry after Christmas… what a great way to use them up. Thanks for sharing your recipe.. a great way to wake up to the smell of freshly baked muffins!

  2. Hi Wiffy, I recognize those cupcake liners! Delicious looking muffins as well and I would never have thought of adding cranberry sauce.

  3. I always love your cupcake cases. They are so gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  4. a goodie snack- and can be a gift for christmas/new year too!

  5. Cute and tasty! So much leftovers here, too. I’m still working through canned pumpkin from Thanksgiving. ; ) Hope you are well and happy this holiday season, Wiffy!

  6. I will take a dozen…please…

  7. I love cranberry and I definitely think this muffins are great! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  8. Cranberries are so tart and tasty in muffins, and using leftover cranberry sauce sounds even better!

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  10. Simply wonderful idea for using up that extra cranberry sauce. And very festive looking too. Happy New Year!

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