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Christmas Muffins

Christmas Muffins Recipe

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These Christmas muffins (cranberries, pecans and orange) are ready for the holiday season!

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I really love the festive flavours in this muffin, especially the surprising tinge of orange. Enjoy these muffins with a cuppa hot chocolate for breakfast or tea time. If you have extras, freeze them in ziplock bags and toast them in the oven for a few minutes till they are warm whenever you want a muffin or two.

Christmas Muffins Recipe

57 comments on “Christmas Muffins”

  1. Good looking muffins. You’ve infected me the Christmas mood too, thanks!

  2. These muffins look really good and so right for the Christmas mood as well. Good that you’ve starting on your Xmas baking as I’m still struggling with what to do … urrghhhhh!!

  3. They ARE festive and fabulously so. I note your invite to Joyce (the first comment) … so can I pop by your place anytime too? Self-invitation, heh heh!

  4. Looking good! May I have one? ;)

  5. Your pics look great! Like especially the toppings!

  6. so pretty with Xmas deco!!

  7. yay Christmas! these muffins sound very yummy noobcook! :) i wanna taste em so bad, warmed up with a little butter.
    by the way, the lighting’s great on these shots. Happy Christmas!

  8. Love to see your Christmas theme baking … great muffins and great pics too!! :up:

  9. Pretty muffins! They look so festive and delish :D

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