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Chicken Feet & Peanuts Soup

Chicken Feet Soup

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Chicken feet may be considered fear factor food for some, but definitely not for me – I absolutely love it. At home, we call chicken feet soup “the collagen soup”, as chicken feet is naturally rich in collagen thanks to the gelatin, which is beneficial for looking youthful, promoting supple skin, reliving arthritis pain, strengthening bones etc.

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If you want to stay young and beautiful the natural way, do cook this regularly ;) After simmering for 2 hours (and keeping it for a few more hours in the thermal pot if possible), the chicken feet will be tender and the soup extremely rich. Chicken soup made with chicken feet has a different richness and depth from soup brewed from chicken bones, so even if you do not eat chicken feet, I am quite sure you will enjoy this wholesome and delicious tasting chicken soup.

Chicken Feet Soup Ingredients

Peanuts impart a wonderful nuttiness to the soup, and complements the chicken feet very well. I refuse to cook this if I run out of raw peanuts!

51 comments on “Chicken Feet & Peanuts Soup”

  1. What’s the use of putting garlic?

  2. I am sure this is a delicious soup, but could you tell me, how does one eat chicken feet? do you eat just the meat, or are the little bones crunched up?


  3. I also love chicken feet.most people in Sydney dont know anthng about them and don’t like the look of them but I think they are wonderful.I bake them in a baking baking bag until they are nearly falling apart with all the Chinese spices and they are great to nibble and my nails are so good now.I also make a great soup.

  4. In your recipe, besides the chicken leg , chicken bones are also require. Usually I go to wet market to get my chicken bones for chicken stock, and there are a variety. Which part of the chicken you recommend ?

  5. Will the peanuts turn very soft after boiling for 2 hours? Sometimes I use peanuts for porridge but they’re still rather crunchy after cooking for about 1 hour.

  6. Hi,
    Can I use another ingredient besides peanuts in the soup? My daughter is allergic to peanuts, but I think she’ll love this soup..I know the flavor may change, but anything else I can substitute with? Thanks.

  7. I’ve tried the recipe and I love what the garlic does to the flavour of the soup. However, when I tried the soup it was abit too bland despite adding salt and some light soya sauce. I bought slightly more than 400g of chicken feet but it amounted to barely 15 of them…

    To add volume and taste to the soup, I decided to empty my pack of raw peanuts (300g), so adding 200g of raw peanuts did help…

    • I think you need to simmer for a prolonged time, at least two hours. And even better, keep warm in thermal pot until ready to serve.

  8. Hi, could you substitute peanuts for black beans? If so, the remaining ingredients will remain the same? Thanks! :)

    • If you use black beans, the taste of this soup will be a bit different (more black bean than chicken feet taste) but I do think it will be delicious. You can omit the peanuts in this recipe if you want. You can do a search for “black bean soup” recipe on the site if you are interested :)

  9. Dude, you got feet in your soup.

  10. I stay in northern Spain so getting these ingredients is quite difficult, but I adore your recipes!

    Is it possible to substitute chicken feet with chicken drumsticks? Can i omit the chicken bones and use water or do I have to use chicken stock then?

    • Yes, you can substitute with chicken drumsticks. As for the chicken bones, it’s up to you (it will add flavour so add it if you can). But this will be more like chicken soup rather than chicken feet soup which has a special taste. But it will be still be nice nevertheless. If you ever buy a whole chicken, you can keep the feet in the freezer – once you accumulate enough, you can make this soup.

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