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Thai Chicken Red Curry

Chicken Curry with Potatoes
Curry Chicken with Potatoes

I just came back from Bangkok with some delicious Thai red curry paste, and I just couldn’t wait to put them to good use. A packet of curry sauce is instant gratification to me, saving time and effort to make the curry paste from scratch. To save time further, I asked the market uncle to cut the chicken for me and divide them into two bags. I freeze each bag of chicken (up to a week) and whenever I need to use (for cooking dishes like this or chicken herbal soup), I just have to thaw the chicken, wash, and it’s good for cooking.

Chicken Curry with Potatoes

This is an easy, cheap and satisfying dish to make. It takes about 30 minutes from preparation to end (and you can cook the rice in the meantime). The cost? Only about S$5 and the quantity is enough to feed 2-3 persons. With the rising food prices, it’s definitely much, much cheaper to eat at home, not to mention the satisfaction and joy one gets from cooking … won’t you agree? ;)

(Serves 2-3)

– 1/2 chicken (chopped to small pieces, or you can also use drumsticks and thigh meat)
– 1 packet (50g) Thai red curry paste (I used R.S.T brand bought in Bangkok)
– 200ml coconut milk
– 400ml water or chicken stock
– 100g long beans/french beans (ends trimmed & discarded, cut to 5cm  length)
– 2 to 3 russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
– 1 stalk of curry leaf
– 1 stalk of thai basil
– 1 tsp of chilli powder (for extra heat), to taste (optional)
– Thai fish sauce, to taste


1. In a wok or saucepan, stir fry the curry paste until fragrant.
2. Add the water (or stock) and bring to a boil. Add chicken and simmer for about 10 minutes.
3. Add potatoes and simmer for another 10 minutes, or until the potatoes and chicken are cooked.
4. Reduce heat and gently stir in the coconut milk, until the curry is warmed through.
5. Add long beans and cooked for another 3-5 minutes. Season the curry with fish sauce and adjust the heat of the curry with chilli powder. Serve with white rice or baguette.

Cooking Note
1. Depending on the paste you used, you can adjust the taste accordingly by adding curry leaf, thai basil, lemongrass, cut chilli, chilli powder, fish sauce etc

I’m submitting this dish to Art You Eat #5 – Autumn Edition.

31 comments on “Thai Chicken Red Curry”

  1. i love using curry paste ^_^…as making my own curry paste can be quite a consuming activity. great for weekends, not great for weekdays ^_^

    your curry looks fantastic, by the way. very autumny ^_^

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  3. I love curry potatoes. There was once, I use cream instead of coconut milk, the taste is too creamy for me. :D

    Your curry looks great with the added beans. I will keep a lookout for these paste when I go chatuchuk the next time! :-)

  4. You go to the wet market?
    Whoa, I get my stuff including from the supermarket *hide my face with my palm and fingers*

    Nice curry but no have R.S.T paste here leh….*drooling starts*

  5. Whoa! Burn baby burn! I love curry, hey any of u rememer that curry in a hurry song? Hurry hurry hurry I love to eat my curry! So many memories…I love anything in curry from those yummy long beans and potatoes. The potatoes in your curry looks like it’ll melt in your mouth! Curry with crusty baguette! Slurp!

  6. This looks very tasty, and as you pointed out very economical! Plus, making this would not only use up the chicken taking up valuable freezer space but also use mostly ingredients I have on hand, eliminating the need to leave the house :)

  7. Looking at your curry, makes me want to eat curry! Can cook for me or not? :P

  8. Subtract the curry, add tomatoes and you have a European dish. It amazes me how close many dishes are.

    I would enjoy this dish on this cool, rainy eve.

  9. Well done! Your bowl of curry potato sure looks yummy! I agree with you, eating in so much more economical nowadays and also, so much more healthier as definitely no MSG and veggie cleaned
    properly. Ahh…of course, the self-satisfaction!

  10. yay, i totally agree, cheaper and a very nice sense of satisfaction when one whips up something delicious! your chicken curry looks sooo good YUMMY!

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