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[Closed] Samsung Microwave Oven Giveaway

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Update: The Blog Giveaway had ended. Congratulations to winner Sophia (comment #95).

As a pre-launch to an upcoming collaboration between Samsung Singapore and Noob Cook (Update: Check out the campaign site), I have a brand new Samsung Microwave Oven MW71E (RRP: S$109)  up for grabs for Singapore Noob Cook readers, kindly sponsored by Samsung Singapore.

Samsung Microwave Oven MW71E

How to win?
Just answer this simple question in the comments section below:
“What’s the most elaborate dish you’ve prepared in a microwave?”

Closing Date
Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 23:59 (GMT +8/Singapore time)

Terms and Conditions
Please read the following carefully before you enter the giveaway:

– This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
– The winner will be the first entry chosen by a neutral drawing party from the list of qualifying entries.
– The winner will be announced on the week of 18 Oct 2010.
– The winner must provide his/her Full Name, NRIC No., Mobile Number & Email Address when contacted. He/she is required to show their NRIC for verification during collection.
– The winner is to collect the prize from specified location (Tanjong Pagar area) during office hours and the winner will be solely responsible for collection and transportation of the prize.

Do tell your friends and loved ones about this giveaway. Thank you for your support and I look forward to receiving your entries!

96 comments on “[Closed] Samsung Microwave Oven Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Really sweet of you and the sponsor.

    “What’s the most elaborate dish you’ve prepared in a microwave?”

    Well, I think mine will be Grilled Rosemary Chicken wings completed with potatoes, carrots and radish.

    Wish me thanks and thanks once again.

  2. Being a novice baker, mine would be a dark chocolate fudgy brownie with crunchy pecan nuts baked with love for my friends and family :)

  3. My most elaborated dish that i have cooked using a microwave oven is chocolate cookies. Although it sounds simple and i’m sure most of us have done it, to me it adds as a special purpose and meaning. Because of the oven, i am able to bake such tasty cookies and share with my best friends as well as getting A for my cooking exam. From then on, i know that i love cooking and be the most outstanding novice baker :D

    I really love the microwave oven!!! (: wish me good luck and god bless all of the contestants here!!! (:

  4. My first attempt of elaborated dish using microwave oven is baking pineapple tarts during CNY. Will gather all in family to help to knead, roll and ‘chop-out’ pineapple pastry. Hope to have a new microwave soon!

  5. The most elaborate dish I’ve prepared in a microwave would be a crustless quiche :)

  6. I used the microwave oven to prepare the pineapple fillings for pineapple tarts. Saves lots of time compared to stove , microwave 2 mins, off and open door, stir and repeat 7 times. After that, can see the pinapple fibres and yummy, ready to use the fillings for pineapple tarts!

  7. The most elaborate dish that I’ve prepared in a microwave would be the Glutinous Rice with Shitake Mushrooms.
    Though, I don’t get to savour it but seeing my family enjoyed, makes me happy and my effort worthwhile.
    I hope to win this microwave for my mum to overcome her fear from using it and to learn from you on your upcoming new recipes.
    This is indeed an exciting news for everyone.
    Congrats on the collaboration and thank you so much.

  8. WOW! great giveaway.
    No giveaway for me :) Just to support you!

  9. The Quickie Grilled Salmon!
    It’s fast and easy, but most importantly it’s yummy!

  10. It’s the Singapore signature dish – chilli crabs, elaborative but was easy and fast! The most wonderful thing is it keeps the meat tender and juicy without overbooking!
    Hmm…finger licking!

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