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[Closed] Samsung Microwave Oven Giveaway

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Update: The Blog Giveaway had ended. Congratulations to winner Sophia (comment #95).

As a pre-launch to an upcoming collaboration between Samsung Singapore and Noob Cook (Update: Check out the campaign site), I have a brand new Samsung Microwave Oven MW71E (RRP: S$109)  up for grabs for Singapore Noob Cook readers, kindly sponsored by Samsung Singapore.

Samsung Microwave Oven MW71E

How to win?
Just answer this simple question in the comments section below:
“What’s the most elaborate dish you’ve prepared in a microwave?”

Closing Date
Friday, 15 Oct 2010, 23:59 (GMT +8/Singapore time)

Terms and Conditions
Please read the following carefully before you enter the giveaway:

– This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
– The winner will be the first entry chosen by a neutral drawing party from the list of qualifying entries.
– The winner will be announced on the week of 18 Oct 2010.
– The winner must provide his/her Full Name, NRIC No., Mobile Number & Email Address when contacted. He/she is required to show their NRIC for verification during collection.
– The winner is to collect the prize from specified location (Tanjong Pagar area) during office hours and the winner will be solely responsible for collection and transportation of the prize.

Do tell your friends and loved ones about this giveaway. Thank you for your support and I look forward to receiving your entries!

96 comments on “[Closed] Samsung Microwave Oven Giveaway”

  1. “or ni” – the Teochew yam paste. Require few steps but the turnout was fantastic. Simply delicious and favorable! The texture of the paste is so smooth and yummy!

  2. my most elaborate dish wld be teriyaki chicken drumlets. just marinate and microwave for 10min.. viola, ready to serve!

  3. My most elaborate dish is white button mushroom and asparagus!

  4. It’s gotta be fried shallots – it’s elaborate because of the sheer amount of hassle and cleaning up I save by not deep-frying over the stove. It works just fine in the microwave and the most amazing thing is, my mum discovered the method and taught me! Since most people love fried shallots but loathe the deep-frying, they will love to know a microwave does the trick too :)

  5. I don’t need a mw oven since I already have one, just to give my support.

    I only use mw to melt butter/chocolate, maybe the most elaborate would be “frying” anchovies :p

  6. The one Elaborated dish I had done up was Steamed Ginger-Garlic-Puree Mid-Wing Chicken.
    1) Mixing minced ginger and garlic in a rice-bowl-quantity and adding shaoxin wine, light soy sauce and sesame oil to the mixture.
    2) Prepare 6 to 8 mid-wing chicken parts and cut through-slits on the middle of each wing. Lay them flat on a casserole with glass-lid.
    3) Coat all wings with the ginger-garlic-sesame oil mixture and using the “Steam” function on the microwave to cook them. 2 stages of steaming needed as you are flip the wings the other side and steam them again. Dish can be ready after about 8-10 minutes of cooking on each side, depending on your microwave oven power output. Enjoy!

  7. The most elaborate dish i ever do with a microwave is to microwave chicken wings :p

  8. Please don’t enter me for this contest…Your question prompted me to think about what I have been using my microwave oven for… I probably have underused it for I only use it for reheating and melting chocolates… Possibly cooking the Mochi flour for daifuku was the most meaningful thing I have used it for…

  9. My most elaborate dish is “King Crab with Salted Egg Yolk & Butter”. Try this dish …….yummy yummy……

  10. The most elaborated dish that I made is my Crème Brûlée dessert and it saved me so much time and electricity using microwave :P

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