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Bitter Gourd Soup

Bitter Gourd Soup Recipe

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Bittergourd with pork ribs (苦瓜排骨汤) is one of my favourite home cooked Chinese soups. And it is really healthy. Just like watercress soup, bitter gourd (bitter melon) has cooling properties (among a host of other health benefits), which helps our body combat the hot weather.

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I’ve always love bitter taste more than sweet, but for those who do not like bitter gourd, don’t let the soup scare you – because it actually tastes quite sweet. The pork ribs, carrots and red dates lend their sweetness to balance the bitterness. I think those who do not like to eat bitter gourd have a better chance of accepting this soup than the classic bitter gourd with egg stir fry. Adjust the sweetness of the soup by adding more or less honey red dates. To me, however, a delicious bowl of bitter gourd soup must still taste slightly bitter, therefore I do not overpower the soup with too many honey red dates. I also like to buy the most bitter bitter gourd I can find (the dark green ones are usually more bitter) when making this soup.

Bittergourd (Bitter Melon)

43 comments on “Bitter Gourd Soup”

  1. i haven’t tried bitter melon soup…and during pregnancy, i can’t have it. funny thing is…i turned to hate bitter melon these days, and i used to loveee it! i’ll give this a try after the baby :D

  2. A nice combination, makes the soup less bitter. Reminds me of my childhood days when my mum would insist that I finished the whole bowl. Said that bittergourd soup helps to purge the toxins from the body.

  3. I believe this is a well-balanced soup with the addition of warmer properties from wolfberries and red dates.

  4. I just had the soup couple of days ago! I would not adds any sugar though, after simmering for half an hour, the bitterness turns so mild and mellow, really delicious. And I agreed this bitter gourd soup is much easier to take on compared to the stir fry version, I don’t quite like that because my grandma always cooks it with too much oil.

  5. Interesting soup! We never cook bitter gourd in soup before at our house. Great recipe, Wiffy!

  6. I love bitter gourd…very good for health as my mom always said. I love this soup too. I just had bitter gourd stir fried with eggs last week…so good with rice.

  7. Ooh! My favorite bitter gourd. This is really very healthy soup :D and must cook this often. :D

  8. I cook this too, but always having problem to capture a nice photo.

  9. I could really use a bowl right now. After the 4th of July festivities this soup would bring me back to life. :>}

  10. I like bittergourd soup! And I am a bittergourd lover. :) …nice homey soup. I usually make bittergourd soup with eggs just like eggdrop soup..yesss! the bitter kind of soup.

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