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Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese
Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese

I love baked cheese dishes and this is something different from the usual baked rice with cheese one-dish meals I’ve made. The tofu makes this dish extra healthy. I first ate this dish at a local cafe with my buddy Anemone and we really love it. But the dish cost more than S$10 before taxes and the portion (appetizer size) is very small. So we thought, why don’t we try to recreate this at home? We can make more for less. My buddy figured out 99% of the recipe, while I leeched on her expertise and just added some curry powder as a final touch. After all our hard work at recreating the dish, the end result tastes nothing like the cafe version though hehe, but I thought ours is better ;)

(makes 3 appetizer sized servings)

– 250g minced beef
– 1/3 beef seasoning cube
– half large yellow/white onion, finely chopped
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– shredded mozzarella cheese
– 150g firm white tofu (water drained), cut to smaller and flat pieces

– 2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
– freshly cracked black pepper
– 1 tbsp curry powder (I use leftover powder from making curry vegetables)

Tools needed
– oven-safe baking dishes (shallow type, for one person size)

Note: I used 3 personal size baking dishes (one per person) and divided the ingredients into 3 portions

Directions (Step by Step Photos)
Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
1. In a bowl, add minced beef and seasonings. Mix well and let it marinade for about 10 minutes.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
2. Heat up a pan with some olive oil and add the onions and beef cube. Saute or fry on gentle heat till the onions look translucent.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
3. Add the minced beef. Stir fry for a very short while (around 30 seconds) and turn off the flame. Continue to fry the beef (breaking them to small bits with your spatula) with the flame off to prevent overcooking. It is all right if the beef is not totally cooked at this point (and it shouldn’t be) as you are going to bake it further. If you overcook the beef, it will taste chewy and tough.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
4. In the baking dish, add tofu slices (notice that they are quite thinly sliced) to line the bottom of the dish.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
5. Spoon the beef and onions mixture you prepared earlier in step 2 over the tofu.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
6. Top it up with a generous layer of shredded cheese.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
7. Bake in preheated oven 200c (400F) for about 15-20 minutes.

Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese (Making Process)
8. Your baked tofu and beef is ready when the cheese is fully melted and slightly browned.

43 comments on “Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese”

  1. This is interesting!

  2. hi

    just wondering if i can use silken tofu instead.



  3. Wow. This is something new and quite easy to manage based on your recipe. I will try it out. :D

    That’s the way to go! Taste some great food outside -> Work out the recipe and recreate ownself. Definitely will be cheaper and more great tasting. :up:

  4. What a good idea for tofu! I can try it too….soon I hope :)

  5. I like this; love tofu with cheese with which I sometimes make it into a sauce. And your adding of curry powder sounds great.

  6. It’s almost like a shepherd’s pie. I love the tofu layer and the browned cheese on top!

  7. what an idea- I might give it a go! Tofu and cheese… hmm.. I’m so curious to know how it taste like now!

  8. I love baked cheese dishes too! Using tofu is definitely healthier than pasta.

  9. Tofu and cheese, what an interesting combo. Did you find that the tofu gave off some water as it baked?

    • yes tofu does give off water after baking which I think you can see from the photo. The version I had at the cafe is like that too. But I’m not so bothered by it hehe

  10. Something special… would like to try it one day!

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