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ABC Juice (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot)

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ABC Juice
A for Apple, B for Beetroot, C for Carrot – 3 simple ingredients for ABC Juice

I chanced upon this interesting vegetable juice at reena’s blog and I just know I had to try it. I thought it will be fun to post a recipe on ABC juice right after posting my ABC soup recipe, even though these two recipes are not related to each other besides the similar name. The “ABC” in this case stands for apples, beetroots and carrots, so this recipe is super easy to remember. Beetroot is a super healthy vegetable, but I’ve always preferred to “drink” beetroot rather than to eat it. I personally feel that this fuss-free recipe is the best way to consume beetroot and enjoy all its wonderful nutrients at the same time.

Known properties & benefits of beetroots (aka beets)
Info from Wiki & LoveBeetroot.co.uk

– Lowers blood pressure (therefore avoid/consume in moderation if you are anemic)
– Relaxes the mind (due to the substance betaine) and is used to treat depression. It also contains trytophan which contributes to a sense of well being.
– Contains aphrodisiac properties according to the Romans. The juice is a rich source of boron, which plays an important role in the production of human sex hormones.

The unique deep red/magenta hue of beetroot is due to the substance known as betanin, which is used industrially as a red food colourant – e.g. to improve the colour of tomato paste, sauces, jams and ice cream. To me, the beetroot looks as if it is “bleeding” when you cut into it, so do be careful about red stains. Betacyanin in beetroot may cause pink “side effects” in some people who are unable to break it down, however do not be alarmed if that happens.

ABC Juice
ABC Juice

(Makes one tall glass)
– 1 small (about 200g) beetroot, remove skin and cut to small chunks
– 2 medium carrots, skin peeled, cut to small chunks
– 1 large red unwaxed apple, cut to small chunks

1. Blend everything with a fruit juice extractor (not food blender) and serve immediately. That’s all – it’s as easy as ABC :-)

– You can use green apple instead of red apple for a sour taste.
– You can add 1 stalk of celery if you like the vegetable.
– Carrots and red apples make the juice sweet, so you can experiment with the quantity to adjust the sweetness.

70 comments on “ABC Juice (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot)”

  1. ABC juice!! Why not! I am sure it’s a great combo!

  2. i have not tried beets, to be honest.. hmnn, i may have tasted a little bit on a salad (but that was from a can), but I haven’t tasted the fresh ones.. this juice maybe the perfect way to initiate me with beets..

  3. Really great food stylization! You must have gotten behind the right door for that! Me, I missed out. I am always at complete loss on how to make it all so pretty. Good job. BTW, I love ABC juice!

  4. I’ll have to try this – looks pretty. Each day I try juicing an apple, an orange, a few carrots and a few celery; however, now a friend tells me it is not a healthy combination and that I should juice vegetable separate from fruit … is this true? Help.

    • Yes, it is true. You should not mix vegetables with fruits.
      The only fruit that can be mixed with vegetable juices are apples!! And the only vegetable that can be mixed with fruit juices are carrots!!
      This is because of the enzimes we use to digest these food groups. Should not be mixed!
      Hope this helps :)

  5. As of today I have decided to start jucing again. I stocked up my fridge with beets, carrots and apples. Decided to make this juice at least once a day.
    A friend of mine was put on a juice only diet by her doctor after a miscarriage. She was given this particular juice recipe. For 6 months she had nothing but this ABC juice and water.
    Her health and energy levels greatly improved!! Her skin, her hair, her weight all perfect! She said she still drinks it once a day as it helps her to maintain the benefits she gained.
    So now I’m gonna try and see :)

  6. I tried this juice and can’t say it’s yummy. But I felt energetic most part of the day, which is the natural beauty of fresh fruits or vegetables.

    I added couple of things to the juice: two tablespoons of milk (for taste) and two tablespoons of honey for natural sweetness.

    The contents of the juice was very active, I could taste honey, beets, carrot, and apple on every sip of my juice. This is somewhat an unique experience.

    Planning to add a pinch of lemon for a refreshing taste! Any comments?

  7. Hi, beetroot is not very common in Malta, is there any substitute?


  8. I tried this juice and at first it was difficult to have it, because of the muddy taste of beetrut. Then I increased the amount of apple and carrots and for taste added few drops of lime juice and honey. Now it is nice. Linda, is there any problem by making such alterations?Your valuable reply will be appreciated.

    • Since no fruit is mixed but apple with the vegetables, it’s fine. Instead of lime drops you could try adding sour apple in addition to the sweet ones you add for taste. Is honey necessary??
      After a few glasses you might appreciate it’s natural taste. So wholesome ^^
      My friend who I spoke about earlier actually couldn’t be bothered with fresh beetroot so she bought ready cooked ones that come in packs of 4 in a vacumed plastic bag. LOL
      But the benefits came to her. I personally did not like the cooked betroot taste in the juice :P Plus it hardly had any juice from it… Much nicer fresh :)

    • Thanks for your suggessions Linda. ofcourse Sour apple can be tried. By this time it is okay for me without lime and honey. I decided to add honey because it has lot of health benefits, but I don’t know whether it can go with this juice. Anyway now I use 1 beetroot,2 carrots and an apple. I prefer juice extractor than mixer for a nice juice…….

  9. Hi
    last two days i am drinking ABC juice but i am using blender instead juice extractor any problem

    • If you are using blender you will have the fibers and chunky bits. If you are using juice extractor, you will get water (fruit juice) instead. If you don’t mind chunkier drink, it’s fine using the blender :)

    • I used a grater and a blender. I grated the ingredients, then blended them with some ice, and there were no chunks to deal with. I then ate everything with a spoon. Two added benefits were consuming the whole fruit/vegetable which is more filling, and the added source of fiber!

  10. wow, this juice really looks healthy, can i drink this everyday? is there any side effect? thanks

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