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5-Minute Microwaved Cup Corn

5 minutes cup corn
A delicious snack of cup corn, done the short cut way, ready in almost no time at all ;)

This recipe is so simple that it’s almost a bit lame for me to post, and I hesitated for some time if I should post it. But since folks like the 15-minute shorts such as the easy steamed fish, microwaved potatoes and the quickie grilled salmon, I reckon most of us don’t mind a no-brainer recipe once in a while. :halo:

Remember the silly fad in Singapore, many years ago, where people (me included) are queuing for cup corn selling from the push carts outside shopping malls? Well this recipe is a short-cut way of remaking the cup corn. I think the “proper” way of making this is to get fresh corn, cut the kernels off and steam them. But lazy me bought ready whole kernel corn, microwaved them with butter, season with salt … and voila, your 5-minute snack is ready! :P

I love making this at home because I can add more butter to make it less healthy but more tasty (opps), serve them in a pretty cup (instead of styrofoam cup) and it’s so quick to prepare.

Ingredients for Cup Corn
Just three basic ingredients to make your own short-cut cup corn

(makes about 1 teacup)

– 1 3/4 cup whole kernel corn
– a bit of butter
– a bit of salt

1) Place corn kernels in a wide dish (so that there is more room to mix later) and cover with cling wrap, using a fork to poke holes in the top of the wrap for ventilation.
2) Place the dish in a microwave for 1-2 minutes depending on your microwave heat. If you hear many ‘popping sounds’, do switch off the microwave earlier.
3) Season with salt and butter to taste, mix evenly, and pour into serving cup. When you pour the corn into the serving cup, do not pour the butter liquid inside or it will be watery.

Note: You can also add the butter in step 2 instead of 3 if you prefer.

24 comments on “5-Minute Microwaved Cup Corn”

  1. Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been to Singapore, but I have had buttered corn plenty of times. Good stuff, gotta love the quickie way of doing it. :)

  2. I love corn, and this sounds like a great snack!

  3. What an awesome new trend (for me)!!! I just LOVE it and I’m glad you shared it. Don’t hesitate to share MORE 15-minute shorts. Looking forward to reading more of them. :-)

  4. lots of people do this,really..I love this.I also put cheese in it..

  5. I love your 15-minute shorts. Cos I didn’t know that I can make this so easily. Keep more coming ok. :up:

  6. i am your no. 1 fan of your microwave short-cut series. love how they are quick and easy but taste very close to the long versions. your past 3 quickies are winners with two thumbs up from my family members. can’t wait to try this out. thanks, VERY MUCH for sharing.

    oh, can’t wait for more of your short-cut series….

  7. I don’t have microwave. Usually I used my AMC pot to steam my corn kernel. Another easy-peasy job. ;)

    • I also have AMC pot but don’t know how to use. Can you tell me how to use it to stream the sweet corn?

      Thank you.

  8. This is a great snack!! I like it! :lol: :up:

  9. Oh, I def remember the butter corn cups in Singapore which they sell by the MRT stations and roads! I think they also add a bit of sugar? I’d spice mine up with either cinnamon or cayenne pepper!

  10. Haha…! Who said this is a no brainer?! We people like to eat good food, this is good food, regardless of how it is been done. :) 8)

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