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Water Chestnut Drink with Sugar Cane

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Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane Drink

This is a super simple, cooling and refreshing drink that will help quench thirst and beat the heat. This is one of my favourite tasting cooling drinks to combat our hot weather here. I find sugar cane really difficult to chop, so I buy pre-cut ones at NTUC as well as the market.

(Makes about 3 glasses)

– 400g sugar cane/bamboo cane (chopped to shorter lengths to fit cooking pot)
– 2 tbsp barley
– 400g water chestnut (scrubbed & skin removed)
– 2 litres water
– rock sugar, to taste (I use about 50g)

Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane Drink
Key Ingredients – sugar cane, barley and water chestnuts

1. In a pot, put all the ingredients except the rock sugar. Bring to a boil.
2. Reduce flame and simmer for about 1 hour.
3. During the last 10 minutes of boiling, add rock sugar to taste. Leave a few sugar cane for garnishing and discard the rest.
4. Pour the drink into serving glasses together with water chestnuts (don’t discard them, they are still crunchy), boiled barley and 1 sugar cane in each glass for garnishing.

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I’m sharing this cooling drink with Original Recipes. Check out the round up here.

24 comments on “Water Chestnut Drink with Sugar Cane”

  1. I’ve never tried it with barley but I’m sure it tastes great too. I love your pics!

  2. This is a very exotic drink! I have to try these barley drinks soon. If it’s refreshing, I have to have it.

  3. How refreshing..and u managed to make white/off white look so good in photos!!

  4. love this drink,now you make me wanna me to cook sugar cane drink ,no fresh sugar cane here,fermented one,still good!!lol!!

  5. Wow! Ur bamboo cane looks so “fat” as compared to those I had seen in the supermarket! Must be sweet yeah! So refreshing looking at the pic!

  6. LCOM:: Ah I didn’t know they are so rare in US… maybe you can find some dried ones ^^

    didally, Ning:: Unfortunately, bamboo canes seem much harder than sugar canes, so the one I made can’t be chewed on, hee … ah, I should look for sugar cane next time to make this ;)

    tigerfish:: wah… great idea! :D

    Dee:: Yes… the weather has been really erratic … half a day of rain, and the other half is soooo hot as usual!! >_< rita:: hi5!! :D Katie:: Thanks! I'm so in love with your cat ;) juhucha:: You can find it at markets, and quite frequently at local supermarkets too. I got mine from NTUC (vegetables section). Good luck finding it! :-) noblepig:: Thanks! I think this drink is pretty unusual outside of asia ;) Kevin:: Hope u manage to find it! :-) pink parisian:: I think the addition of barley makes it more cooling though the taste is quite subtle ... thanks girl! :) js:: yessss, I can vouch for its refreshing-ness... now will you try it ... heee :wink: daphne:: haaa, thanks girl :-) beachloverkitchen:: woah I have never seen fermented sugar cane ... u must take a photo!! :wink: lk:: Yes it's sweeeet! I think these bamboo canes look 'fatter' than sugar canes? :wink: :D

  7. Drink looks fantastic! I almost want to seal it and keep it on my window sill as “contemporary art” :)
    Are you meant to drink it hot, or cool it in the fridge first?
    Thanks for sharing this one!

  8. Thanks Gitta! You are too kind :-)

    I like to drink it when it has cooled to room temperature, or chilled in the fridge (which is the best option) :halo:

  9. Hard to find sugar cane here. If there is, they’d add kumquat in it and change the taste altogether. :(

  10. Oh my, a unique drink indeed and what a presentation! Thanks for sharing your refreshing recipe with Original Recipes :)

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