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Stir Fry Pork with Ginger and Spring Onions

Ginger & Scallions Pork

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Note: First posted in Mar 2010, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

Ginger scallions (spring onions) pork stir-fry (姜葱猪肉) is one of my favourite childhood home-cooked recipe by my mum.

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This dish was where I got my training and headstart in eating chilli padi, for my mum would add an insane number of chilli padi into it and it was so choking hot for a child (I think most adults couldn’t handle it either), yet so satisfying. So I owe this dish & my mum for introducing me to the wonderful world of spicy foods.

Ginger & Scallions Pork

According to my mum, this dish is so simple that she could “cook it with her eyes closed” (show off, mummy hehe). But true to her words, this recipe requires very basic seasonings and is really straight forward. If you are looking for a yummy, fast and easy stir fry, this recipe is for you. A secret to this dish is to get the tenderloin cut for the pork. The tenderloin is more premium (it is usually at least double the price of normal cut) and recognisable by its longish cut (because it is located at the spine area). No matter how you cook it, the pork remains tender. My mum told me that women on confinement cook a version of this dish (with more ginger, more sesame oil and some hard liquor) with the tenderloin not because the cut is more nourishing, but because they want to pamper themselves as they are recuperating from childbirth. Luckily, nowadays we don’t have to wait until confinement or any special occasions to enjoy a better cut of meat for the family.

68 comments on “Stir Fry Pork with Ginger and Spring Onions”

  1. I love pork – it’s unfortunate it has gotten a bad rap for being fatty – clearly, the tenderloin is lean enough but still very delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Such a simple yet delicious dish. Great job, it looks fantastic.

  3. Looks so yummy! You’re so lucky that your mom is always there to guide you. So jealous! LOL! Beautiful shots as always! ;)

  4. My grandma used to cook this too! So simple and so delicious!

  5. Yummie, this is a dish that my mom used to cook…I love it, and of course with a bowl of white rice :-)

  6. How great to have been introduced to spicy chilli flavors at a young age! I think I keep making things spicier and spicier as time goes by.

  7. Wow, this dish looks so great! I’d love to try this.

  8. My family favourite too! I’ll need to cook at least 500g of pork :)

  9. This is one of my favourite dish! Yummy!

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